Can I have fat transferred to any area of the body?

Can I have fat transferred to any area of the body?

10th Jul 2017

The fat transfer or fat grafting increases the mass of body parts lacking volume. The excess fat in another area will be transferred to the targeted area to lessen the risk of the body rejecting the transferred fat. With the fat transfer, the shape of a certain body part can be improved or returned to its former glory.

Every fat transfer procedure involves liposuction. This procedure removes the excess fat from different areas of the body before purifying and injecting the fat cells into the target areas.

Some of the most common areas for fat transfer are the face, breasts, hands, and the buttocks. These areas appear more rejuvenated after the fat transfer. The fat usually originates from the abundant yet unwanted fat of the abdominal area.

Many people tend to have fat transferred to their face and their hands because these are the most noticeably different after a significant weight loss. The face and the hands may appear older after the weight loss. In some patients, fillers are used instead of the fat to add more volume, even though fat lasts longer than the different fillers available today.

Despite the availability of dermal fillers, most prefer the use of fat because it is less expensive. Some people can afford commercial fillers in small quantities, but they are much more expensive in larger quantities. The use of fat also results into a more natural looking plumpness. Local anesthesia is also enough for the procedure to push through and the treated areas look 5-10 years younger.

Furthermore, fat transfers cause minimal scarring, and they are usually only visible at the liposuction sites.The liposuction incisions are very small and can be hidden in strategic areas of the body. The level of scarring will also depend on the patient’s genetics and healing capabilities. The scars normally fade until they are barely visible after a significant period of time has passed.

The amount of fat that is removed and transferred should be well calculated. Too much liposuction or too much filling can create an unappealing result. The removal of fat sculpts the body and injecting the fat will rejuvenate the various areas. An experienced and board certified surgeon knows the exact amount of fat that should be removed and injected to maximize the results of the procedure. Patients should carefully research their surgeon and the procedure itself to ensure positive results from the surgery.

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