When Can You Go Back to Work after a Full Tummy Tuck

When Can You Go Back to Work after a Full Tummy Tuck

20th Sep 2017

A tummy tuck surgery is considered to be a major surgery because it makes a long incision that runs from one side of the hips to the other. The recovery period varies from patient to patient because different people heal differently. One of the common questions surgeons are asked is when the patients can go back to work after the procedure.

Due to advancements in the industry, there are now different types of tummy tucks available. Some are less or more extensive than the traditional tummy tuck surgery. Because of this, patients should carefully consider the type of surgery they had before they decide if they are ready to go back to work.

Going back to work after a tummy tuck procedure depends on your body and what your job entails. If your job involves sitting down at a desk with no heavy lifting or much physical exertion, then it is possible to return to work after just a week so long as everything seems to be healing fine and the drains have already been removed. For some patients who had their muscle repaired along with the tummy tuck, a minimum of 2 weeks rest will be required before going back to work.

The time when you can go back to work after a tummy tuck surgery will also depend on how you feel. Some patients are no longer in pain after a week and they already feel that they can already go back to their work. While patients may already be looking forward to working, it is best to do it gradually. If you have gotten used to resting, working full time immediately may harm your body. You have to know how to listen to your body. When the work is too much, then you have to stop and work less for a few weeks. While at home during recovery, it is advisable to start to move around the house This helps not only with the blood circulation of the body, but it also prepares the body to slowly transition into doing normal activities. Remember to start with light activities first.

If your job requires heavy lifting and strenuous activities, you will need to wait for at least six weeks before going back to work. Remember to go easy on your body when you return to work as the wound might be stretched. This may result to a larger and unsightly scar. The wound can also open causing more problems for you.

Your surgeon is the best person who can tell you when you can go back to work. This is because they performed the surgery and understands your present condition. Visiting your surgeon for checkups will help determine how well you are already healing. This also lessens the risk of developing complications because your surgeon would be able to diagnose during your visits, if there are any complications developing. It is advisable to maintain regular contact with your surgeon even after the surgery.

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