Can I avoid breast reduction scars?

Can I avoid breast reduction scars?

08th Feb 2021

Breast reduction is the plastic surgery performed to reduce the size of overly large breasts when they affect the quality of life of the patient. This means that to be eligible for the procedure, you must be affected by breast hypertrophy or the overdevelopment of glandular tissue of the breasts. The procedure is the only method available nowadays that can help alleviate the multiple discomforts associated with breasts of a very large size. It entails the surgical elimination of the glandular tissue and also the skin envelope of the breasts in excess. The procedure can eliminate a few hundred grams of glandular tissue and mammary gland, depending on the severity of the condition and the desired results the patient expects to achieve. Also, depending on the amount of tissue to be removed, the plastic surgeon will opt for one surgical technique or the other. 

Breast reduction will leave behind scars, just like any other surgery. Because the procedure is a complex one, there will be at least two scars on each breast. Generally speaking, the scars are positioned around the areola (periareolar scars) then vertically towards the inframammary fold. In severe cases, another incision will occur in the inframammary fold, horizontally. Each surgeon prefers a certain technique, and depending on the anatomy of the patient, he will choose what he believes is best and will leave behind the least amount of scarring with the best aesthetic results. 

When coming to the pre-operative consultation for breast reduction surgery, many patients want to know if scarring can be avoided. To be satisfied with the results, it is essential to understand that there will be scars left behind. In some cases, they could be rather significant. This all depends on the amount of tissue to be removed, so generally speaking, the more severe your breast hypertrophy, the more chances of getting larger scars on the breasts. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the scars will be visible. When a talented, board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon performs breast reduction surgery, there are good chances that the scars won’t be visible when the patient wears something like a swimsuit or a normal bra. Breast reduction is plastic surgery nevertheless, and an experienced and responsible plastic surgeon will pay attention to the appearance of the scars. 

Also, the patient needs to follow certain post-op recommendations to avoid getting scars that are wider or unpleasant looking. Among other things, sleeping on the tummy is to be avoided at all costs for at least three weeks post-op. Smoking can also affect the healing and cicatrization process, so it is essential to stop smoking two to three weeks before breast reduction and remain a non-smoker for the same amount of time after the procedure. This reduces the chances of wounds opening, skin necrosis, and developing an infection.

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