Can i fly after a breast augmentation?

Can i fly after a breast augmentation?

24th Jul 2019

Can I fly after a breast augmentation?


Breast augmentation surgery is probably the most desired procedure in the world when it comes to enhancing features of the body to look sexier or more feminine. Big breasts are often associated not only with femininity and sex appeal but also with motherhood, so it is only natural for women to be interested in undergoing plastic surgery to get the breasts of their dreams. It is important to mention that there are really no other methods to get bigger, perkier breasts aside from the ones offered by plastic surgery: implants and fat transfer. Each procedure has its advantages and disadvantages and is recommended for a certain target. Breast implant surgery is most commonly performed as it allows for a considerable increase in just one sitting and a beautiful shape of the breasts.

There are many concerns that patients express during the pre-operative consultation for breast augmentation surgery, despite the abundance of information that can be found online.  A question we often hear especially from patients who flew in for their post-operative consultation from a different state or outside the United States is whether they can fly back home after breast augmentation. To answer in short, the response is a “yes.” However, even such a firm answer can bear nuances. 

My recommendation is not to fly home immediately after the procedure unless we are talking about a very short flight. Otherwise, it might be better to spend a few days (even a week if possible) where the breast surgery was performed. Flying after a breast augmentation surgery won’t have any effect on the implants. The implants don’t explode or rupture during flights because of the air pressure, and this is a myth and people should be aware of this. However, for the first few days after a complex breast implant surgery, it is normal for the patient to experience certain side effects such as discomfort, pain, and nausea, among others. This is why the recommendation would be to avoid long flights shortly after the procedure. If you are flying from out of the state or out of the country because you want to see a particular plastic surgeon, you should ask him about accommodation options and what are his recommendations about when to fly after the procedure. Getting plastic surgery in a different state and patients coming from outside the United States to undergo plastic surgery in our country is more common than you might think. Discuss these issues with the plastic surgeon even from the pre-operative consultation. Also, if you plan to fly short after surgery, it would be easier for you to have someone to accompany you and help you with luggage and other logistic issues as the recommendation is not to lift heavy objects from the floor and lift your arms over the shoulders for at least a few weeks post-op. 

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