Can i get a breast lift without huge scars?

Can i get a breast lift without huge scars?

17th Aug 2017

Getting a breast lift is the perfect solution to having saggy breasts. A breast lift is a form of breast surgery that is not the same for all. The breast lift procedure will vary from patient to patient depending on the current condition of the breast and the results that they want to achieve.

Just like any surgical procedure, there is a risk of developing a scar. The possibility of having a scar after the surgery may make the patients decide not to go through the procedure. Many women don’t want to end up having scars but the scars are part of the plastic surgery, and it is just how the body heals.

However, there are breast lift procedures that have minimal scarring. The scar that will eventually form will depend on the incision made. Currently, there are 4 types of incisions that are used to do the breast lift and these are the crescent lift, peri-areolar lift, vertical lift and the anchor lift. The type of incision used depends on the results the patient wants to achieve and the current condition of the breast.

Of the four types, the crescent lift has the least scarring. The incision is made halfway around the top of the areola. This incision is only used if there is minimal sagging that needs to be corrected. Sometimes, this incision is also made when the lift is accompanied by a breast implant.

For a single scar, a peri-areolar or a donut lift is used. This will correct mild sagging of the breast. The incision is made around the areola, and the lift can also be used together with breast augmentation and areola size reduction.

For a more extensive reshaping, a vertical lift would be used. This breast lift will result in two scars but the scars are well hidden. Through this breast lift, it is possible to reshape the breast.

Lastly, the anchor lift is used to correct extensive sagging of the breast. There would be 3 scars that would develop including the one around the areola, one on the breast crease and another vertical one that connects the first two scars. Even if it seems that there are so much scarring, the breast can be dramatically reshaped through this procedure.

For women who are thinking of having breast lifts, it is not advisable to make the scars as basis for deciding the type of procedure to undertake.. It would be best to base the incision on what the breasts really need. The scars will eventually fade and they are well hidden under a bikini top so you don’t have to worry about them so much. Just learn how to take care of your breasts after the surgery so that they will heal properly.


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