Can i get butt and breast implants at the same time?

Can i get butt and breast implants at the same time?

06th Oct 2018

When looking back at history, butt and breast implants have appeared almost at the same time. Even if the first breast augmentation was made in 1890 with paraffin being injected to increase breast size, it was only later in 1961 when the silicone gel was developed. The first breast implant was performed in 1962 while the first butt augmentation was made later in 1969, when Dr. RJ Bartels used the silicone gel implant for a different area than the breasts.

As the main purpose of the implants is to deal with aesthetics, these types of cosmetic surgeries are becoming more popular. In the last years, we have noticed the requests for implants are rising at more than 15% each year. While it seems that people in general are more concerned with the way they look, many patients usually ask for major changes and they tend to require multiple procedures at the same time. When dealing with this question, we can find different answers every time. Some doctors will say it is better to undergo two different procedures separately, while others recommend going for both at the same time. We will try to see why opinions are different and why this debate is never-ending.


The recovery process may be much more difficult when taking both surgeries. For example, during the recovery process after breast implants, you need to avoid sleeping on your chest face down, while after butt implants you need to avoid sleeping face up and avoid sitting too much. Putting pressure on your implants after augmentation needs to be avoided as much as possible, so these contradictory ways to deal with the recovery process can slow down your recovery period—not to mention the discomfort the patient will be experiencing during the recovery period.

Body health

Your health condition must be perfect if you want to subject yourself to both surgeries at once. For example, you will definitely need a general anesthetic, and your health condition is the main factor when choosing this type of anesthetic. Also, you need to think about tissue recovery. One is for your body to create the necessary chemicals for three wounds to be healed and is totally different when the body needs to produce them for six wounds.

Overall costs

Of course, you will get a better price if you are taking two procedures at once, but is it really worth it? This is entirely up to you. For example, the discount might be around 3-4 thousand dollars, and if you are willing to take an extra risk for this amount, then you can definitely choose them both in one go.

Even if cosmetic surgeries do not impose high-risk side effects, it is better for you to take those two procedures separately. Basically, after your first implants, you will notice how your body reacts, and then you can choose if you can get used to having implants for the rest of your life. Set some priorities and do not push your body to some limits that you are not aware of.

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