Can i get butt and breast implants in one session

Can i get butt and breast implants in one session

10th Mar 2019


Bigger breasts are a dream for many women. This dream is easier to achieve these days with the help of plastic surgery. Breast implant surgery is performed on a daily basis in the United States and one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures worldwide. However, when it comes to the anatomy of women, it is often not only the breasts that could use more volume, but also the buttocks. This is the reason why many women ask if they can undergo breast and butt augmentation with implants in one session. To answer this question, we need to see how the procedures are performed.

With breast implants, the patient is lying on her back while incisions are placed on the breasts or axilla to introduce the implants in pockets located under the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle. After the implants are introduced, the incisions are sutured and compressive bandages are applied to the wounds. The patient is moved to a recovery room where the medical staff will monitor her until her release from the medical facility a few hours after waking up from the general anesthesia. When the patient leaves the hospital, she has a set of post-operative rules that must be followed to the letter to avoid complications and have a fast and smooth recovery. Among these recommendations, one of the most important is not lying on the front to put unnecessary pressure on the breasts.

Now with butt implants, the patient is lying on her front while the plastic surgeon performs incisions on the buttocks to be able to insert the silicone implants inside or under the gluteal muscles. After the implants are inserted, the wounds are sutured and dressings are applied. After the procedure, there is a strict recommendation for the patient to avoid sitting or lying directly on the buttocks for approximately three weeks. This is to avoid wound opening or the shifting of the implants due to the pressure applied to the buttocks.

As you can see, the patient needs to lie on the back for breast implants while the patient needs to lie on the front for butt implants. If both procedures would be performed at the same time, the patient would need to be moved from the back to the front or the other way around in a manner that wouldn’t put pressure on the area that was just operated upon, and this is very difficult, if not impossible. Moreover, even if the procedures could be performed at the same time, there is still the question of resting during the recovery period. If both the breasts and the butt have received implants, the only possible lying position for the patient would be on the sides of the body, and this is not always very comfortable, especially after surgery.


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