Can i get huge breasts by having repeated injections of fat?

Can i get huge breasts by having repeated injections of fat?

16th Jul 2019



Having bigger breasts is one of the critical aesthetic milestones that many women desire to achieve. Given the importance of the breasts in defining your femininity and overall body outline, many women with smaller breasts go under the knife to enhance their breasts. Fat injection to the breasts is a breast augmentation surgery that involves the use of your body fat to add projection and shape to the breasts.

Generally, the fat injection procedure is recommended for patients who want to get mildly projected but shapelier breasts. The procedure does not make the breasts huge. Patients who want to get large breasts are told to go for breast implant surgery instead. However, if you still want to get bigger breasts with fat transfer, then you may consider getting repeated fat injections in the breasts. However, even then your breasts will not become huge. 


Importance of the breasts

The breasts are vital in defining the femininity and physical beauty of a woman. Well-sized and shaped breasts help enhance your overall body outline as well. In fact, it is prominent breasts that differentiate a man from a woman to a considerable extent. The breasts are also among the most sexualized areas of the female body. Prominent, shapelier, and curvaceous breasts make females look more sexy and fertile.

In light of the above-explained narrative, most celebrities first started to undergo breast augmentation surgery to enhance their breasts. In this process, they started the trend of having bigger breasts. Now, most ordinary women are increasingly undergoing breast augmentation surgery to improve their breast size and shape. Breast augmentation procedures have an excellent record of delivering excellent and useful aesthetic results.

There are two types of breast augmentation procedures: breast implant surgery and fat injection. As the names indicate, breast implant surgery involves the use of artificial implants to increase the breast size, whereas fat injection involves the use of your body fat to make your breasts projected and shapelier. 

The primary goal of breast implant surgery is to increase the size of the breasts, and that of the fat transfer surgery is to add mild projection to the breasts in addition to making them shapelier. Many women want to get large breasts, but they are not willing to get implants. As such, they often ask if they can get huge breasts by getting repeated injections of fat. 

Repeated fat injection in the breasts can make your breasts fuller; however, it cannot make your breasts as huge as you may get with implants. Also, whether you are a suitable candidate for getting repeated fat injections in the breasts depends on different factors. 


Fat injections to the breasts

Fat injection to the breasts, also known as fat transfer or fat grafting, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the US. Hundreds of thousands of patients get fat injections to the breasts every year. The good news is that this procedure has an excellent record of delivering effective and lasting outcomes. To understand whether you can increase your breast size with repeated fat injections, you need to know what the surgery involves and how it is implemented.

To be a good candidate, you need to have enough amount of excess fat in your body that can be used as donor fat to enhance your breasts. Keep in mind that only the patient’s body fat can be used to improve the breasts. You cannot get a fat donation from other people because it will create complications and your immune system will reject and liquefy the fat.

During the consultation session, the plastic surgeon will identify the fat donor sites and assess your candidacy. The procedure involves fat removal from the body, fat processing, and fat grafting. Using liposuction, the surgeon will remove the fat from the body areas like the abdomen, sides, and flanks.

The fat is then purified by spinning it at high speed in a centrifuge. The impurities, blood, and dead and damaged fat cells are removed during this step. In the last step, the fat is carefully injected into the breasts. The results will gradually transpire in the weeks and months following the procedure.


Getting repeated fat injections for huge breasts

Many people want to know whether they can get huge breasts by getting repeated injections to the breasts. First, let me explain that it is not possible to get huge breasts by getting repeated injections in the breasts, but repeated injection can increase your breast size and projection considerably. However, for that too, you need to have a large volume of excess fat in your body. Also, your goals and expectations need to be realistic and reasonable. 

Keep in mind that there is a limit to the fat volume that can be removed from your body during one session of liposuction. As such, you must not expect to have all of the excess fat available in your body removed and transferred to your breasts in a single session. If you want bigger breasts with fat injection, you will be required to undergo multiple sessions of lipo and fat transfer. This is possible only when you have high volume excess fat in your body. Also, you must not expect to get huge breasts even with repeated fat injections to the breasts. 

Most patients don’t qualify for repeated fat injections in the breasts for two reasons: lack of enough excess fat in the body and unrealistic expectations. In most cases, one session of fat injection in the breast adds one cup size increase, and not all of the volume increase is retained because your body will absorb some portion of the fat. 

A considerable increase in breast size means 3 to 4 cup size increase. To achieve this milestone, the patient must get 3-4 repeated fat injections in the breasts at different times. Most patients don’t have enough body fat to get 3 to 4 repeated fat injections in the breasts. Furthermore, the repeated procedures for fat injection in the breast will mean that the procedure will be costly for the patient – more costly than breast implant surgery. 


The other option: Breast implant surgery

If you want to get huge breasts, you may consider getting implants instead of fat transfer. Even then, you need to be careful when choosing your implant size. The size of the implant must accentuate your breast dimensions and overall body outline. If you get an implant that is too large for your breast dimensions, your breasts will appear abnormal and separate entities rather than a part of your body.

Breast implants are external devices. These implants come in different sizes. There are two types of implants: silicone and saline. The plastic surgeon will examine your breasts, know your goals, and assess your health before recommending you a particular implant type and size. The primary objective of using breast implant surgery is to make your breasts large.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. During the operation, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on the breasts and then insert the preselected implant inside the breast. There are two options to place the implant within the breasts: under the breast muscle or over the breast muscle. Where the implant is placed will also determine the shape and size of the breasts after the surgery. It will also determine the level of aesthetic and health complications that may happen after the procedure. Most surgeons prefer to place the implants under the breast muscle because it delivers better results and the rate of complications is lower. 

After placing the implants in the pockets, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions. Your recovery will start right after the operation. The incisions will develop into scars as you heal, and the results will gradually emerge as the swelling subsides over time. When the results arise, your breasts will appear bigger and shapelier. 



There are two types of breast augmentation surgeries: breast implant surgery and fat transfer to the breasts. Breast implant surgery uses foreign objects to enhance the breasts whereas the fat transfer uses your body fat. Both procedures come with different goals to achieve. Many patients who want to get huge breasts often wonder whether fat injection can deliver them huge breasts. I have answered this question in detail in this article. To conclude, repeated fat injections in the breast can increase your breast size, but it will not make your breasts huge. If you want to get huge breasts, you should consider getting implants instead.  


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