Can i go braless after a breast lift?

Can i go braless after a breast lift?

11th Sep 2018

Many women think that after a breast enhancement procedure they can forget about wearing a bra for the rest of their lives, especially after a breast lift surgery. The breast lift surgery is performed with the purpose to elevate the breasts to a higher position on the chest wall and also to remove the skin sagginess that is making them look deflated and without consistency. After the operation, the patient has to wear a supportive bra to speed up the recovery. But what happens after the recovery phase is completed?

After the breast lift procedure

After any type of breast enhancement surgery, whether it is a breast reduction, breast augmentation or breast lift, the patient is required to wear a supportive bra and to follow certain post-operative recommendations. Is it mandatory to wear the post-op bra? In short, the answer is a firm yes, and your plastic surgeon will emphasize on this. The supportive or sports bra needs to conform to certain rules as its purpose is to help you recover better and faster after the surgery and take care of your breasts during the convalescence period.

After many types of plastic surgery interventions (tummy tucks, liposuction, etc.) patients are advised to wear compressive garments. In my experience, the results of wearing compressive garments or a sports bra after surgery do not compare to not wearing them. When it comes to breast lift surgery, the supportive bra needs to hold the breasts in a position to avoid pain coming from the surgical incisions. It is essential for a fast and uneventful recovery for the breasts not to move with different movements of the body or the arms.

Post-op bras are created to ensure comfort and liberty to move freely during the recovery period. Some plastic surgeons will recommend a certain type of post-op bra while others will tell you that a simple sports bra will be enough and provide the necessary support for your breasts. Sustaining the breasts after a breast lift is essential as the breasts need to be kept immobile in order to promote good healing.

To choose the bra correctly after breast plastic surgery, several criteria are to taken into consideration. First, for optimal comfort, ensure that your post-operative bra is free of wires. So as not to hurt your skin and not pinch sensitive areas, it must also be seamless at the level of your potential scars so as not to irritate them and promote healing.

Your plastic surgeon might tell you that a sports bra can be a good choice to wear after your breast enhancement surgery. Sports bras are designed specifically to provide excellent support for the breasts regardless of the movements of your body. Moreover, sports bras are made out of materials that are created especially not to hurt the breasts or the skin on the breasts and are generally without visible seams or wires. Sports bra and post-op bras have wide straps that won’t dig in your shoulders and are quite comfortable and pleasant to wear, unlike other types of bras.

Why is being braless not recommended?

First of all, you need to know that the results after the breast lift surgery are not permanent. They can last for a long period, even for a lifetime if you are a certain age, but if you are quite young when having the mastopexy performed, be prepared to have an additional one in your senior years. Gravity and aging are some of the factors that cause breast sagginess. The signs of aging can be delayed with the help of plastic surgery, but time can’t be stopped forever. With time, your breasts will start sagging again, even if you have undergone a breast lift procedure. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t act proactively to sustain the results of your intervention for longer. Wearing a bra is one of the things you have to do to keep your breasts perkier for longer.

If you choose not to follow the plastic surgeon’s recommendations after surgery, you might notice that you experience more pain than other patients and that your breasts might be swollen and bruised for longer. The aesthetic results of the procedure can be negatively affected if the patient doesn’t wear a sports or post-op bra.

Once the final result is stabilized, there is still a requirement to wear a bra. Of course, there is no need for a sports bra to be worn non-stop. However, choosing the right bra for your type and size of breasts is essential to maintain the results of your intervention for longer. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go to a special event braless because your dress doesn’t allow a bra or that you need to sleep with your bra on, but your breasts need support during the day, and a bra can help tremendously. Going braless once the results of your intervention are final can trigger early sagginess once again.


Finding a bra that is both functional and beautiful can be quite a struggle, not to mention the fact that the ones that do fulfill both conditions can be quite pricey. This is probably one of the reasons why many women ask if they can go braless after a breast lift surgery. Unfortunately, it is not recommended to stop wearing a bra, not immediately after the surgery nor in the future once the results have stabilized.

A post-op bra or a sports bra is mandatory after a breast lift to keep the breast immobile and speed up the recovery. Once the results of the intervention are final, wearing a bra during the day will delay the ulterior sagginess of the breasts that may occur due to aging and the effects of gravity.

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