Can i have a breast lift and fat transfer?

Can i have a breast lift and fat transfer?

14th Oct 2019


When it comes to the appearance of the breasts, many women are confronted with imperfections, and for some of them, this can happen very early in life. Weight fluctuations, multiple pregnancies, and other factors can have a negative impact on the breasts and cause them to lose their beautiful contours, perkiness, and firmness. Some of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures aim to correct imperfections of the breasts such as breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and breast lipofilling. 

The breast lift is the procedure performed on women with saggy breasts who need their breasts to be repositioned higher on the chest wall and their perkiness restored. The sagginess of the breasts can’t be corrected in any other way, so the procedure is quite popular and commonly performed all over the world. 

At the same time, it is also very popular for women to undergo breast augmentation procedures to enhance the appearance of their breasts. We associate larger, rounder breasts with femininity, vitality and even sex appeal, so there is no wonder why so many women are scheduling their breast procedures every day. Just like with lifting the breasts, augmenting them also requires plastic surgery as it can’t be achieved any other way. No amount of physical exercise, creams, pills, and potions will be able to restore the firmness of your breasts or make your breasts bigger. 

This is the reason why many patients are interested in a natural procedure to enhance the volume of the breast via lipofilling. Fat transfer or fat grafting is a plastic surgery procedure that entails the collection of fat from areas where it is in excess, purifying this fat and then reinjecting it into the breasts. As you can imagine, it is the magic procedures that turn unwanted adipose tissue into breast tissue, so this is a dream come true for many women all over the world. 

Many patients come and ask if they can have a breast lift and fat transfer at the same time. Combined procedures are often a good idea, and most plastic surgeons will perform a breast lift with implants on patients who want to get an augmentation of the breasts, aside from the lifting effect. However, the breast lift shouldn’t be performed with lipofilling as the results of the fat grafting won’t be good. A responsible plastic surgeon will advise you to schedule the fat transfer a few months after you had the breast lift or, better yet, to choose implants for the augmentation. Keep in mind that when getting fat transfer, the durability of the results is dependent on the patient’s ability to keep a stable weight. 


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