Can i have a breast reduction if i am overweight?

Can i have a breast reduction if i am overweight?

07th Sep 2017

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that helps women achieve smaller breasts that are in proportion to their body. Sometimes, the big breasts are reduced not only because they don’t look great, but also because they can cause a negative effect on the health of the patient. Some people who have overly large breasts suffer pain in their back, shoulders, and neck because of the heavy weight. Big breasts can also get in the way of exercising or being active because they can bounce a lot and cause discomfort.

Many people who are overweight also have larger breasts. This is because excess fat can accumulate in the breasts, although some really have lots of breast tissue to begin with. A breast reduction procedure can help decrease the size of the breasts so that the patient can be more comfortable. The breast reduction procedure can be done whether a patient is overweight or not.

The breast reduction procedure is beneficial to all patients. It helps them to be more comfortable to do their exercises or daily activities. Many of those who are overweight go for the breast reduction procedure so that they can exercise better. A lot have success stories of losing more weight after the surgery because they are more comfortable doing their exercises without their large breasts getting in the way.

Although there are surgeons who decide to perform the breast reduction surgery even if the patient is overweight, there are a few things that have to be considered. Being significantly overweight is a contraindication to the breast reduction procedure for a variety of reasons. Overweight patients should remember that they are more prone to develop complications as compared with those who are not overweight. The complications that they may face include infection, slower wound healing and other wound healing problems, as well as the decrease of blood supply to the breasts.

It is also possible that the fullness of the breasts isn’t only brought about by much breast tissue, but also fat. When a patient loses weight significantly, the fat in the breasts can also be lost significantly, and it can be enough to cause a great reduction in the size of the breasts. If a patient is planning to lose weight, it would be better if she loses weight before the procedure is done.

If an overweight patient really wants to go for a breast reduction procedure, she should make sure that her weight is stable. Fluctuations in the weight can cause more sagging in the breasts. Although the sagging of the breasts can be remedied by the breast reduction, it can return because of the fluctuations in weight.

Different surgeons have different opinions about doing the procedure on an overweight patient. Some perform it because it helps provide more comfort for the patient even if there are greater risks for complications; while there are others who strictly don’t do it. If you find a surgeon who would do the breast reduction surgery for you, you have to make sure that he/she is really certified to perform it.

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