Can i have fat grafted into the butt after getting gluteal implants?

Can i have fat grafted into the butt after getting gluteal implants?

22nd Jun 2019


There are two different methods that are offered by plastic surgeons for butt augmentation purposes: one is using gluteal implants made out of silicone, the other is using the patient’s own fat cells that are harvested from other areas of the body and inserted into the buttocks. Both procedures are safe and effective when performed by a talented and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. The eligibility for one procedure or the other is determined during the pre-operative consultation, after performing extensive measurements and discussing the patient’s aesthetic goals and expectations from the surgery. Each patient will have a different recommendation that is dependent exactly on the abovementioned factors. This means that even people with similar characteristics can achieve different results due to different aesthetic goals.

Some patients want to know if the procedures can be combined or if fat can be grafted into the buttocks after undergoing butt implant surgery. The answer to these questions is a “yes” for most patients. Of course, when it comes to undergoing a fat transfer procedure, there is always the condition of having an excess of adipose tissue in other areas of the body as without this the procedure can’t be performed. But if the patient fulfills this condition and has enough fat for the transfer, fat can be grafted into the buttocks either during butt implant surgery or after.

There are a few reasons why patients might desire to get a fat transfer to the buttocks after previously undergoing a butt augmentation with implants, but in a vast majority of cases, we are talking about improving the results of the initial procedure by making them more natural or correcting the overall shape of the body.

While butt implant surgery can be performed on patients who are thin, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the results will look very natural, especially if big implants were used. In this case, the patient might want to resort to an ulterior transfer of fat to the butt to make the edges of the implant less visible and the results more natural. When fat transfer is performed during or after butt implant surgery, it often means that a small amount of fat can go a long way. The shape of the buttocks can be significantly improved with only using a smaller amount of fat. This is important to know for patients who don’t have enough fat in the body to have an augmentation completely based on fat grafting. They could get implants to get a good projection and then correct and improve the shape of the buttocks with fat transfer.

Fat grafting into the buttocks might also be requested by patients who want to enhance the shape of the buttocks, especially when it comes to the sides and the lower part. Butt implants only create projection and volume on the upper part of the buttocks as they are inserted into or under the gluteal muscles.


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