Can i have my breasts lifted with a periareolar incision?

Can i have my breasts lifted with a periareolar incision?

08th Jul 2019


With so many information available online about whatever type of procedure patients want to undergo to fulfill their aesthetic ambitions, it is very easy to have the surgical plan all sorted out in your head even before getting to meet the plastic surgeon. 

There are patients coming to the pre-operative consultation for the breast lift with lots of ideas already in their heads. For example, they already know how severe their breast sagginess is and how it can be corrected. But in some cases, the plans you make at home don’t match with the assessment made by the plastic surgeon. This is also happens with patients wanting to get breast implants only to find out they need a breast lift as well. 

During the pre-operative consultation for the breast lift, the plastic surgeon will perform a medical examination on the tissues of the breasts and an assessment of your overall anatomy and health. Depending on the things he will notice, he will make the recommendation for one procedure or the other. There are different surgeries that can be performed to enhance the appearance of the breasts such as breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation, and breast lipofilling. Depending on your goals and physical characteristics, the plastic surgeon might recommend an appropriate one or a combination of procedures. For example, to correct breast sagginess, you can have a simple breast lift, a breast lift with a reduction, or a breast lift with an augmentation. 

Also, keep in mind that the breast lift can be performed following different surgical approaches. The surgical plan is also created after the medical examination and discussion about the goals and expectations from the procedure. If a simple breast lift is performed and even for a breast lift with implants, the periareolar incision can be enough to allow the plastic surgeon to correct the imperfections.

For the breast lift, the plastic surgeon might need one and up to three incisions to correct the breasts ptosis, depending on its severity. The periareolar incision is present in all cases of breast lifts, as the only incision or made with others going vertical towards the inframammary fold and in the inframammary fold. 

However, the periareolar incision can’t correct severe cases of breast sagginess. It is only meant to be used for minor sagginess as the plastic surgeon will excise the skin around the edges of the areolas, but not too much of it. Also, the periareolar incision can also be used to insert an implant while correcting breast sagginess, but the implant needs to follow certain rules. For example, we can’t use the periareolar incision to insert large silicone implants as the incision is not wide enough. Discuss the details of the surgical plan with your plastic surgeon in detail before scheduling your procedure.

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