Can i sleep on the back after butt implants surgery

Can i sleep on the back after butt implants surgery

07th May 2017

The recovery after butt implant surgery is as important as the surgery itself. In order to get the best possible results, patients should know how to care for their body after the surgery properly. When they are discharged from the hospital, they are all that’s left to care for themselves. It is up to them, and to whoever is helping them at home, to make sure the body heals well and no complication develops.

The best way to care for the body is to provide what it needs to repair and heal itself. This means the patient should eat nutritious foods and properly hydrate themselves. This also means a patient needs to have adequate sleep so their body can rest.

Due to the site of the surgery, patients shouldn’t immediately sleep on their back. This is because there is much pressure on the buttocks in this position. Generally, patients should avoid doing activities that put much pressure on their buttocks. This would include lying on their backs. Different plastic surgeons would suggest sleeping on the abdomen or on their sides at least for a month.

Sleeping on the stomach is the best position to sleep for a patient who has gone through butt implant surgery. This is the reason why most surgeons won’t combine the butt implant surgery with other surgeries such as a tummy tuck or breast augmentation surgery. Patients should not lie on the area where the surgery was done. In cases when both the front and back areas are worked on, it can be difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Although some suggest sleeping on the side is possible, some may still find it uncomfortable and not advisable.

Aside from sleeping on their back, patients shouldn’t also sit down for prolonged periods of time. Although some surgeons can allow their patients to sit down, some would still suggest they make use of a doughnut-shaped pillow to lessen the pressure on the buttocks. Some also suggest sitting while leaning forward is best so there is not much pressure, especially on the incision area. By doing these, the patient can prevent the wound from opening up accidentally.

In addition to the sleeping position, patients should also remember to stand up and be mobile after their surgery. It can be very tempting to simply lie down and rest but moving the legs is needed. By doing so, the occurrence of other complications is prevented.

Most surgeons will discuss what recovery is like for a patient who just had butt implant surgery done. They can give clear instructions on what the patient should and shouldn’t do during the recovery. Different surgeons may give out different instructions, but it is important you believe the surgeon whom you work with. After all, you have entrusted them with your life during the surgery. Most surgeons also know what to advise their patients because they have previous experience with the patients they had before.

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