Can i still workout if i get big butt implants?

Can i still workout if i get big butt implants?

14th Aug 2019


Resorting to plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of the body is a decision that should be thoroughly considered before scheduling the procedure. Getting advice from an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon is essential to help you achieve the desired results and avoid unwanted complications. There are always risks involved when it comes to surgery, and no procedure is complication-free. When it comes to butt implants, patients should know that it is crucial to get a size and type of implant that is suitable for your body shape. Otherwise, complications can occur that could even determine the need to explant the implants.

When meeting the plastic surgeon for the pre-operative consultation, it is his responsibility to perform a medical examination on the patient to make sure it is the right procedure and to assess the condition of the patient. The surgeon will look particularly at the area of the buttocks and surrounding tissues to be able to form an idea about what size and type of implants would be suitable to be used. The size of the implants is determined by the condition of the tissues of the buttocks as the implants need to be properly covered by them. In other words, if the patient has little butt tissue, the size of implants that can be used will be smaller than for a patient with the same characteristics but more butt tissue. 

During this consultation, your plastic surgeon will also ask you about your dreams and expectations from the procedure and your lifestyle. The placement of the implant can depend on whether you have an active lifestyle or not, along with the size. 

Patients who are active in sports or perform workouts regularly are interested to know if they will still be able to work out if they get butt implants. First, you might wonder why the need for implants if they are doing exercises regularly. An active lifestyle is not a guarantee for a beautiful body shape with a large and toned butt. The size of the butt can be on the small side, even for professional athletes. This is why it is not uncommon for people who exercise to want to get implants to correct the imperfections of their buttocks.

A successful butt augmentation procedure will ensure that the patient will be able to work out after the plastic surgeon gives the green light for physical exercise. Keep in mind that intense physical activities are to be avoided for at least two months post-op and that the patient might take a while to get used to having the implants.

If you find it difficult or painful to work out months after the surgery, you should contact the plastic surgeon as you might be dealing with a complication here, such as the implant pressing on the sciatic nerve. But generally speaking, butt implants don’t prevent you from having an active, sportive life. 


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