Can i take diuretics after plastic surgery?

Can i take diuretics after plastic surgery?

03rd Nov 2018

You waited for what seems like a long time to see the awesome results of tummy tuck surgery or body lift procedures, but now you notice the surgical sites are actually puffy. Don’t be worried; all this puffiness is just swelling that occurs naturally after surgery. Do you really need help from diuretics? Candidates are often confused when it comes to this issue, but the reality is very simple.

Before undergoing any surgical procedure, every candidate should know its related post-operative complications and potential risks. Along with other classic complications of surgery (including edema and bad scarring), swelling is also common. Even though experiencing all these symptoms may be irritating for some time, knowing the measures on to deal with them is essential.

You should have an idea what diuretics are and what they can do. Simply put, diuretics eliminate unwanted and excessive water and salt out of your body through urine. Excessive fluid accumulation within the body can put more stress on the heart, causing massive fluid retention in the lungs. The swelling in the legs and feet will be drastically noticed. Diuretics are prescribed primarily when the increased urine output is needed in order to cope up with the overload of fluid in the body.

Is it necessary to take diuretics after plastic surgery?

Obviously, its prescription depends on how severe the swelling is and how long the patient has been experiencing it. While undergoing plastic surgery, the inflammation, altered lymphatic drainage, and edema are the most possible causes of retaining the water. This doesn’t mean that diuretics will surely help in getting the localized effects. Just remember, it comes with side effects as well, which shouldn’t be ignored. Secondly, diuretics can leave you in a dehydrated state and reduce the overall electrolytes level. Hence, it is better to ask the surgeon on taking diuretics after surgery.

Also, understand that prolonged swelling after plastic surgery can indicate a serious issue which shouldn’t be neglected at any cost. As the inflammation is a normal reaction to various surgical procedures, it will be resolved within a few weeks. In fact, some may also believe that swelling is a part of the normal healing process. However if it takes too long to resolve, something is surely going wrong in your body. Whatever the case might be, you should discuss this issue with the plastic surgeon.

Generally, diuretics are suggested 5 days after liposuction if the swelling is progressive. Before taking diuretics, try the following effective alternative options that will help get rid of the swelling:

• Stay in a cooler, well-ventilated place

• Opt for a low sodium diet

• Learn the manual lymphatic drainage technique to facilitate the proper removal of trapped water and salt

• Use the compression stocking as per doctor’s recommendation.

It is more beneficial not to take diuretics unless per the surgeon’s prescription. Make sure to apply other methods to decrease the swelling first.

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