Can I Use A Donor For Fat Transfer?

Can I Use A Donor For Fat Transfer?

07th Jan 2019

Can I Use A Donor For Fat Transfer?


The fat transfer method is used most of the time in butt augmentation surgeries. You can either enhance your buttock volume using gluteal implants or by transferring fat cell deposits. Most patients ask if they can use a donor for harvesting the required amount of fat cells. In this particular case, you cannot use another person for collecting fat. Unfortunately, the condition to be eligible for fat transfer procedures is to have enough adipose deposits localized in other areas of your body.

When you try to use fat from a donor, your body is more likely to reject any strange fat cells as your body will recognize them as “unusual” and your immune system will basically attack the new cells. The same happens when your body is rejecting a new donated organ.

During the procedure, your surgeon needs to harvest pockets of fat from different areas of your body, most likely your abdominal area. If you do not have enough fat deposits around your abdomen, it can be harvested from your arms, hips or thighs. In this case, the procedure will be a bit more complex as liposuction needs to be used in different areas. Sometimes the patients will be asked to come in for multiple sessions. If your fat deposit amount is not enough for a full augmentation, you can use gluteal implants to achieve a larger volume for your buttocks.

Some procedures are made using gluteal implants and fat transfer at the same time. Basically, after the implants are inserted, the surgeon will add some fat cells around the implants. This will offer a better result as the fat deposits surrounding the implants will create a more natural aspect and also will strengthen the area around the implant.

You can also use a fat transfer for facial augmentation, hands, breast augmentation or reconstruction. During the procedure, fat cells will be harvested using liposuction and transferred using small syringes to inject them into the targeted area. Fat cells also need to go through a purification process. Once the fat is harvested, it will be placed in a special centrifuge that will remove any impurities. This is basically a purification process that will keep only the healthy cells.

The main advantages for fat transfer augmentation are that the final result will look more natural and the procedure will require smaller incisions. Obviously, with smaller incisions, scars will be less visible than scars resulting from implant insertion. Also, when using a fat transfer procedure, the area from which fat deposits are harvested will be less likely to develop an excess of fat. A fat transfer procedure is a very good option for patients who want to get rid of any excess fat around their bodies and also enhance either buttock or breast volume. It is actually a win-win solving two main issues at the same time. Ask your surgeon for more details.


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