Can i use arnica gel after plastic surgery?

Can i use arnica gel after plastic surgery?

10th Nov 2018

Deciding to get plastic surgery done is a worthwhile step towards improving your overall appearance. While enrolling for this procedure you may feel more satisfied and excited, but it may also give some swelling, bruising, or even pain after surgery. Along with the doctor’s prescription, you should take several effective measures and opt for special care to decrease the potential risks and post-surgical complications.

Many options are available to reduce the complications. But when it comes to long-term and a wide range of effects, Arnica is surely the best herbal medicine, used to get the fastest recovery and outstanding results. Before going through with further details, know its basics first.

What is Arnica?

Its botanical name is Arnica Montana, and it is enriched with healing properties. Wolf’s Bane, Bruisewort, and Leopard’s base are other names for it, and it belongs to the daisy family. It is naturally extracted from its flowers and roots. It has been used as a medicine in various forms, including distilled oils, creams, and infusions.

Arnica has a significant influence on healing bruises and inflammation. In fact, it is also reported to work best on inflammatory pains. The reason why it is extremely beneficial after plastic surgery is it contains anti-inflammatory elements. These powerful compounds stimulate the white blood cells and boost the circulation—both mechanisms necessary to speed up the recovery process.

After any surgical procedure, the inflammation associated with slow recovery can most likely occur in a majority of individuals. The swelling occurs when fluid tends to remain in a specific area and slows the recovery process. In recent studies, it has been revealed that controlled dosages of Arnica can make dramatic improvements in a patient’s swelling and pain levels.

Surgeries on delicate and sensitive areas like the face are prone to get excessive swelling more than other areas of the body. To taper down the swelling, it is important to prevent possible bruising or other related problems.

Another study published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, it has been explored that using Arnica before and after face surgeries decreased the swelling. Those who had eye surgery, nose surgery, and tonsillectomies done used Arnica and got relief from pain and inflammation. Not only is Arnica suggested in pre- or post-surgical procedures, many dermatologists often recommend arnica gel’s application after injectables, including Restylane and Botox.

When and how to apply Arnica gel

Your doctor must first recommend what you should start taking prior to the procedure. As there is a variety of prevention methods available, s/he may suggest you take Arnica combined with vitamins. Your plastic surgeon may recommend arnica gel to be applied to the operated areas. However, avoid using Arnica creams and gel on open incisions.

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