Can I Have Lipo on the Ankles and Calves?

Can I Have Lipo on the Ankles and Calves?

11th May 2018

Liposuction is a procedure that can be done on areas of the body where there is excess fat. Although it is usually done on fatty areas like the waist, thighs, and arms, it can certainly be done in other areas such as the ankles and calves as well. A patient can request to undergo liposuction for just the ankles or just the calves, but it would be best to have both the ankle and calves liposuctioned at the same time. This helps make sure that the legs are properly sculpted and proportionally liposuctioned. Sometimes even the knees are also included in the liposuction to work on the legs properly. This procedure is meant to provide properly sculpted legs that look proportional.

Liposuction is a sculpting cosmetic surgery that is done not for the purpose of losing weight, but for the purpose of having a better-contoured body. This is the reason why you should carefully select the surgeon who would perform the liposuction for you. Overliposuction of the ankles, calves, and other areas of the body will not look flattering. It isn’t enough to simply do the liposuction procedure, but it would be better to sculpt the body using it. Leaving fat here and there can also be done to achieve a better contour of the body or the legs. The liposuction procedure should be used as a tool to accentuate the contour and shape of the body and not just to remove the fat.

The calf and ankle liposuction is performed by making use of a cannula that is moved back and forth in the fat layer. This motion helps break up the fat cells to make it easier to suck out and remove them from the body. Depending on the technique used, it is possible to undergo liposuction procedure under general anesthesia or just under local anesthesia. For this area, the tumescent procedure is preferred because the patient is awake, and general anesthesia is avoided.

The surgeon may also require the patient to wear compression stockings that will help with the proper healing of the legs. Pain medications will also be prescribed so that the patient feels more comfortable after the surgery. It is best for liposuction patients to stand up and walk from time to time to make sure that blood circulates properly in the legs. This prevents any blood clot formation, which can be fatal.

Achieving a slender-looking calf and ankle is made easier today through the use of liposuction technology. It produces an inverted bottle shape that many women love to have. Before doing the liposuction surgery, patients must first be evaluated by the surgeon to determine how much fat is to be removed to make the ankles and calf look better. Genetics plays a role on how the calves and ankles look like, but through surgery, it can be improved. Just make sure to go to a reputable surgeon who knows how to properly sculpt the fat off and not just remove all the fat that he/she can remove.


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