Can liposuction be combined with any procedure?

Can liposuction be combined with any procedure?

26th Oct 2020

Most people already know that liposuction is one of the most performed plastic surgery procedures in the world, together with breast implant surgery. There is a good reason behind this statistic. This procedure entails minimal risks, can deliver spectacular, natural-looking results, and can be combined with almost all other plastic surgery procedures.

A common combination is getting liposuction with a tummy tuck. Abdominoplasty (as it is known in medical terms) is the procedure we use to eliminate skin sagginess on the inferior part of the tummy while also strengthening loose abdominal muscles. The procedure is preferred and recommended for mothers who have had multiple pregnancies, people who have lost a lot of weight, but also people whose appearance of the tummy has been affected by the passing of time. 

Liposuction is combined with the tummy tuck as this is the only method to get a slimmer waist and deliver good results. Otherwise, the adipose layer on the tummy and the flanks will be the same before and after the procedure, and the patient will have a rather square shape of the body instead of an hourglass shape with a small waist. If you are confronted with adipose tissue in excess on the tummy and the flanks, it won’t go away when the tummy tuck is performed, and it needs to be addressed specifically with liposuction.

Liposuction and butt augmentation are also commonly performed together. I prefer using butt implants together with a fat transfer when performing butt augmentation. The results are far superior and patients are much happier with them. What I do is treat with liposuction are areas of the body that have an excess of adipose tissue, then I process and purify this fat and inject it into the buttocks after inserting the implants. This way, I ensure the implants are properly covered, there is no chance of visibility, and the results look much more natural than when using just butt implants alone. Also, fat transfer can target all areas of the butt, not just the upper part. In the upper part of the buttocks, we insert the implants as they can only be placed inside or under the gluteal muscles.

Liposuction can be combined with any body lift procedure, along with breast procedures. The procedure is effective in reducing the thickness of the adipose layer in areas that can be addressed with a liposuction cannula. This means that it can be performed even on the face. 

Keep in mind that getting a liposuction in addition to the procedure you are having will prolong the duration of the surgery, but getting combined procedures is cheaper and more effective than separate operations.

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