Can people tell i had plastic surgery after fat transfer to the buttocks?

Can people tell i had plastic surgery after fat transfer to the buttocks?

15th Sep 2018

Fat transfer to the buttocks is a popular buttock augmentation procedure. The surgery effectively enhances the gluteal area, making your buttocks appear lifted, projected, and aesthetically appealing. If you have smaller, flatter, or poorly shaped buttocks and you are looking to underscore your feminine qualities, a fat transfer to the buttocks may be a good option for you.

There are many patients who often ask whether people will be able to tell if they had plastic surgery after the fat transfer procedure. Well, the fat transfer procedure—which is more commonly known as Brazilian butt lift—is popular for a number of reasons. One of the benefits of the procedure is that it delivers completely natural outcomes.

Will people notice the change in your buttocks?

The fat transfer procedure involves the use of your own body fat to deliver you the desired aesthetic improvements. In order to qualify for the surgery, you need to have sufficient excess fat in different areas of the body. The surplus fat will be removed from the fat donor sites via liposuction and transferred to your backside after processing it.

Since the procedure involves the use of your own body fat, the results achieved via the surgery are completely natural and safer. The fat transferred to your buttocks behaves, moves, and develops entirely as your body tissue. As a result, the movement, feel, and look of your buttocks will be completely natural. Your colleagues and other people would not be able to tell if you had plastic surgery.

Normally, people judge you from abrupt changes in your appearance. For example, if your derriere suddenly becomes huge after butt implant surgery, people will notice it. Also, the results of butt implant surgery are not as natural as the results of the fat transfer procedure.

The benefit of fat transfer surgery is that it increases the size of your buttocks but also improves the shape and aesthetic features of your buttocks. As a result, other people can’t tell you had plastic surgery.

Tips to divert the attention of people from your new buttocks

Human beings have a natural tendency to be curious when noticing a sudden change, including the physical changes in people. While your buttocks will appear natural and most people won’t be able to notice it, there are still things you can do to completely divert the attention of people from your buttocks for the first few weeks.

For example, in the workplace, you may want your colleagues not to be astonished upon seeing your improved body after the fat transfer procedure. You can divert their attention by changing your hairstyle and makeup in radical ways, so their focus does not go to the changes in your buttocks.

Secondly, you should try to wear clothes that fully cover your buttocks at the beginning. Over time, you will notice that your colleagues are subconsciously unaware of the changes in your buttocks. You can then gradually reveal your curves, without getting sudden attention from everyone.

The time of the year to get fat transfer surgery is also important. When you suddenly take a few weeks off work, your colleagues would definitely have it in mind, and they would be curious what you have been up to during the vacations.

To make sure they don’t ask you a lot of questions and notice your physical transformation, you should schedule your plastic surgery at a time when there are holidays for everyone in your workplace.

For example, winter and later summer are popular seasons to have booty jobs. During these times, you get the holiday season like everyone else. Taking advantage of the opportunity, you can go under the knife.

The best thing about having your butt enhancement in winter is that you will wear bulky clothes and cover your body completely, including your buttocks. This will help keep off the attention of people from the changes in your buttocks. As time passes and summer arrives, you can gradually reveal your killer curves, and everyone would not be astonished.

Again, I would like to reiterate that butt improvements achieved via the fat transfer procedure are completely natural in look, feel, touch, and movement. People will not be able to tell if you had buttock augmentation. For extra security, you can use the tips provided above.

Evolution of aesthetic results

It is also important to keep in mind that the results of the fat transfer procedure would not be visible all at once. In fact, your buttocks will gradually evolve over time. It may take many months or even a year for your buttocks to display the desired aesthetic improvements completely. Of course, some of the improvements would be visible in the weeks following the operation.

In order to retain your improved buttocks after a fat transfer surgery, you should be sure to keep your weight stable and stick to a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss will affect the fat transferred to your buttocks in the same way as it does to the fat in other areas of your body. This means your buttocks may shrink as a result of drastic weight loss. Make sure not to undergo substantial weight loss. Likewise, weight can increase the size of your buttocks.


Fat transfer to the buttocks delivers natural and undetectable outcomes. The procedure involves the use of your body fat to add projection to your backsides, which is why your buttocks look and feel natural. If you are still worried that your colleagues or other people close to you may notice the changes in your buttocks, read the tips to divert their attention above. The good news is that the achieved results will evolve gradually over time, so you don’t have to worry about sudden transformation.

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