Can plastic surgery correct inverted nipples?

Can plastic surgery correct inverted nipples?

08th Jun 2017

An inverted nipple is a common occurrence among men and women, but women are more sensitive to the condition as it impacts their sense of aesthetics and self-esteem. This condition can be triggered by a number of factors, including genetics. If you experienced inverted nipples during your childhood, notify your doctor. Furthermore, women aged 50 or above who have this condition must undergo breast cancer screening tests.

For many people, an inverted nipple is more of an aesthetic problem than a health problem. Some people find them physically uncomfortable, especially for breastfeeding mothers. Thankfully, there are a number of methods to fix inverted nipples, with plastic surgery being an effective option.

Opting for plastic surgery to correct inverted nipples should only be considered if you are no longer breastfeeding and have no more plans of getting pregnant. The physical disposition of inverted nipples is due to the interior part of the breast tissue, and one of the common factors that trigger this is the tethering of the milk ducts.

There are two ways to fix inverted nipples through plastic surgery. One keeps the milk duct intact, while the other does not. In both treatments, the goal is to re-contour the nipple and areola, so that the nipple returns to a normal position and shape. The aesthetic appearance of the breasts improves and the discomforts associated with the condition disappear.

Choosing to detach the milk duct will remove the patient’s breastfeeding capability. The breast tissue is then separated via a tiny incision and made to heal by attaching supports to the skin called bolsters, which keep the nipples veered. For how long the bolsters remain will depend on the patient’s healing speed and quality. However, most doctors keep the bolsters in for a maximum of three weeks.

With this procedure, the surgeon will place an incision around the nipple base of the areola. The areola tissue will be separated and raised to a new position and shape with the help of a purse-string suture. Due to the round shape of the scar tissue, contracture of the capsule will increase the projection of the nipple. Medicated gauze will then be applied to the surgical area. This procedure will preserve half of the milk ducts.

Repairing inverted nipples takes about two to three hours. The exact time required to complete the procedure depends on your surgeon’s expertise, the technique used, your breast composition, and severity of the problem. The procedure is short and normally performed on an outpatient basis. Both options involve the use of local anesthesia.

The results provided by both surgical options are long lasting. There is no risk of loss or change in breast sensation after surgery. Since the incision is placed on the nipple, no scarring will be visible.


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