Can plastic surgery improve your professional life?

Can plastic surgery improve your professional life?

09th Apr 2017


The correlation between physical appearance and career advancement has recently been the subject of much debate. While the media and the general public have repeatedly alluded to the implications of plastic surgery on a successful career, celebrities have already demonstrated the impact of cosmetic procedures on their professional lives.

Celebrities who have undergone successful plastic surgeries are more likely to garner attention and receive offers for endorsements and other projects. However, as past researches have already established, this preferential treatment is also extended to physically attractive people in other occupations.

Several studies have found that aesthetically pleasing people make more money and experience relatively faster professional growth. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many patients invest in plastic surgery as a means to advance their careers. In the world of business, people are under constant pressure to maintain their image. Since our body image is directly related to our self-esteem, people with visually appealing figures are more likely to exude confidence and succeed in their careers than their average-looking colleagues.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, around two thirds of plastic surgery patients underwent cosmetic procedures just to improve their employment opportunities. It is now a broadly accepted norm that physical attractiveness is just as important as work experience, skills, and education to get ahead in a competitive work environment. This concept is particularly essential in occupations that involve sales, customer service, advertising,  modeling, the entertainment industry and the media.  


Plastic surgery and getting hired

Many recruitment experts endorse the notion that plastic surgery can help a person land the job they want. They argue that recruiters do not only examine the resume of a person, but also use social media to get a sneak peek into the personal and social life of the potential employee.

For instance, many employers look their prospective employees up on social media networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. If a particular position requires a socially active person, the employer will want to see how you appear and comport yourself. You also have to make sure that the photos you upload on your social media accounts are work appropriate to increase your chances of passing the initial screening. Unfortunately, if you fail to meet their requirements, you may lose the position you applied for.

This is where plastic surgery comes in. If you believe that certain flaws in your physical features are keeping you from getting hired, you may consult a plastic surgeon to explore your treatment options.  


Self-confidence and plastic surgery

It is a well-known fact that many people, especially women who are dissatisfied with their appearance, experience low self-esteem. This insecurity keeps them from fully engaging in their professional lives, thus lowering their productivity. Consequently, they fail to get or negotiate promotions and pay raises. There are several logical theories that link the results of plastic surgery with increased job opportunities and this prompts a number of individuals to undergo cosmetic procedures.  

Several people attempt to hide particular physical attributes when they talk and this is a convincing sign of low self-assurance. Some of these idiosyncrasies may be obvious, whereas others may be so subtle that they usually remain unnoticed.

For example, a saleswoman with disproportionately large breasts may not be able to effectively communicate with her client because she is extremely self-conscious about her appearance. A breast reduction surgery can decrease the volume of her breasts, subsequently boosting her self-confidence and, in turn, helps her become more efficient and productive.  Similarly, other imperfections such as blemishes in the breasts, face, nose and cheeks can be corrected through plastic surgery.


Younger appearance

While there are Equal Employment Opportunity policies against age-based discrimination, many employers may still manage to find other reasons to reject you even though the underlying reason may be your appearance.  People who appear younger get access to more professional opportunities than older employees. If you think that you appear older and less youthful, you may want to rejuvenate your body by undergoing certain plastic surgery procedures.

You can use liposuction to contour your body by removing stubborn fat pockets in areas like the abdomen, sides, flanks, love handles, thighs, face, neck, and back that make your body look unappealing and make you appear older. Moreover, the procedure is very effective, and when performed accurately, you will seem more youthful after the surgery.


Climbing the corporate ladder

There is a strong connection between physical appearance and gaining the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder. This has already been proven by a study that analyzed the Facial Attractiveness Index of 667 CEOs against their corporate and monetary success.  The study concluded that CEOs with higher FAI were able to attain their position in a relatively short period of time.

This underscores the importance of one’s physical appearance in relation to the prospect of being groomed for an executive position, as people with a pleasant demeanor appear more trustworthy, reliable, intelligent, confident and powerful.


Staying competitive

Organizations present more opportunities to people who they think will help the company grow and succeed in future. Corporate executives and board members regard their employees as the face of the company, especially the marketing, sales and customer service professionals.  Companies are well aware of the fact that good-looking employees tend to engage people more effectively, making it easier to close a business deal. Without a doubt, physical attractiveness can significantly influence the direction of an individual’s career; thus, employees who want to be afforded the same opportunities usually opt to undergo cosmetic procedures.



Numerous studies have supported the idea that physical attractiveness plays a significant role in an individual’s entitlement to different employment opportunities. Employees with an unremarkable demeanor tend to be overlooked and most promotions and incentives are offered to their younger or more visually appealing coworkers. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery presents countless options to enhance one’s appearance and ultimately, raise morale and productivity.


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