Can the breasts be lifted without surgery?

Can the breasts be lifted without surgery?

25th Aug 2019


When it comes to the firmness and perkiness of the breasts, every endless threat from factors like pregnancy, weight fluctuations, aging, and gravity are a greater concern to many women. The bad news is that as you age, the elastin in your breast skin becomes weaker, which causes the breasts to stretch and sag. The female breasts are smooth and lack the strength to hold them in place for a lifetime. And the fact is that even smaller breasts can sag over time. 

This is a universal fact that the breasts are not destined to remain firm and youthful throughout the lifetime of a woman. When the breasts sag, they not only look aesthetically unpleasant but also affect the body outline of women in negative ways. While there is a surgical option available to restore the firmness and youthfulness of the breasts, many women want to get back their youthful breasts without surgery. And the question is: are the non-surgical approaches to lifting the breasts real and effective? I will answer this question in this article. 


What causes the breasts to sag?

To understand whether the breasts can be lifted without surgery, you should understand what causes the breasts to sag. The female breasts sag as a result of different factors. The leading factor that causes the breasts to sag is pregnancy. During pregnancy, your breasts become large, and the breast skin expands due to the hormonal changes taking place in the breasts. When the breasts expand, it separates the pectoral muscles and weakens the skin elastin. As such, the breasts become saggy.

The second leading factor responsible for breast sagging is massive weight gain followed by weight loss. When you gain weight, it increases the fat content in the breasts and other body areas. As a result, the breasts become large, and during this process, the elastin in the breast skin becomes weak or separated. As a result, your breasts will appear saggy. 

Next, aging and gravity also cause the female breasts to sag over time. As you age, your body’s collagen production plummets, which causes the elastin to become weak. As a result of the weak skin elastin, the breasts become saggy and loose. This condition can be further worsened by gravity, especially if your breasts are bigger. 

When the breasts become saggy, it makes you look aged, aesthetically unwelcoming, and less feminine and less sexy. Women always desire to have firmer and perky breasts. But when the breasts become saggy, it results in lower self-esteem for the patients. It can also affect your sexuality and quality of life because the breasts are among the most important aesthetic areas of the body. Saggy breasts will also affect your overall body outline.

It is natural for women with saggy breasts to seek treatment for the condition. However, most women look for non-surgical approaches to lift the breasts because they are scared of invasive methods and the resulting scars. 


Is it possible to lift the breasts without surgery?

There are different reasons why women want to get back their firmer and youthful breasts, but it is critical for the patients to be aware of their options. No matter if you want to overcome the symptoms of pregnancy or weight loss from or just want to boost your self-esteem or sexuality, there are options available to treat the breasts. 

However, the much-hyped non-invasive methods to lift the breasts have so far remained ineffective. The methods are highly advertised, but there is very little evidence that they can actually restore firmer and tighter breasts. Even though science has seen huge improvements both in terms of the utilization of radiofrequency and therapies, it has not yet found a way to lift the breasts significantly without surgery.

Non-surgical methods may introduce mild improvements to your breasts, but they won’t deliver you the effective outcomes that most of them promise. Many studies have concluded that most of these methods can lift the breast no more than an inch, let alone restoring the breasts you might be idealizing. 

Keep in mind that the breasts become saggy primarily due to weakness in the elastin and internal fibers and ligaments. These factors make the nearby tissues saggy and loose, which then leads to breast sagging. Some of the non-surgical methods create swelling in the breast that most patients mistake for the achievement of the desired results. However, as your breasts heal, the swelling will disappear and your breasts will be droopy again. 

Below are the much advertised but less effective non-surgical methods to breast lifting:

Lasers: Laser breast lift is one of the most common non-surgical methods for lifting the breasts; however, there is little to no proof that it can deliver you the desired improvements. This method uses Coolbeam, which absorbs the water in your breast skin. When the water is absorbed, a little bit of the skin from the breasts will be removed. As a result, you may achieve a little lift in your breast. However, the fact is that the result is negligible and unnoticeable. 

There is no laser treatment option available that can considerably lift the female breasts. Laser beams injure the skin and trigger the development of scarring in the breast instead of regenerating enough collagen to tighten the skin. The procedure is also painful and can create burns and pigmentation on your breast skin.

PRP: Also known as platelet-rich plasma, this is a non-invasive procedure that promises to lift your breasts by taking blood from your body, purifying the blood in a centrifuge, and then injecting the blood in your breasts. However, like the laser method, this method also fails to lift the breasts. It may augment the upper area of the breast to some extent, but that result will also last only for a few weeks or months after the surgery. 

Thermage: Thermage is yet another procedure that uses radiofrequency waves to tighten the breast skin. However, your skin cells may be damaged during the process. Moreover, it fails to deliver significant lifting to saggy breasts. The procedure is also painful.

Botox: The Botox method of non-surgical breast lifting aims to do the same to your breasts as it is known for doing to the face. The Botox is injected into the breast skin, which may help in removing wrinkles but it is ineffective when it comes to lifting the breasts. The mild improvements achieved with this procedure will last only for a few weeks or months.

Keep in mind that Botox is basically a muscle relaxant. As such, you should not expect to achieve lifted breasts by injecting it into your breast skin. Even when it is injected into the pectoral muscles, it will not deliver significant improvements. 

Topical creams: You can find many topical creams on the market that promise to make your breast skin firmer and lift the breasts. Even though these creams may tighten your skin, the tightening is short-lived. They do not provide sustainable results. Even the breast tightening these creams provide is not significant enough to count as actual breast lifting.

Breast exercises: Many women assume that breast exercises will improve their breasts. If anyone suggests you this method, it simply indicates that he or she has no idea of what they are saying. When you exercise your breasts, it simply means you are exercising the pectoral muscles. It does not tighten the skin. As a result, you should not expect to achieve any improvements in your breasts via breast exercises. 

Vampire breast lift: This method uses combined micro-needling with PRP to tighten the breast skin. However, like the other methods explained above, it does not tighten the breast skin and your breast will remain saggy even after the procedure.


The only tested and trusted way to lift the breasts is through a plastic surgery procedure known as a breast lift. The breast lift is an invasive approach, but it delivers the results that it has promised. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on your breasts and then use the incisions to tighten the breast muscles, reposition the nipples, reduce the areolas, and remove the excess skin from the breasts. As a result, your breasts become firmer, perky, and youthful and the results will stay with you for a longer time. 



If your breasts have become saggy, you may consider making them tighter again without undergoing surgery. There are many non-surgical methods that claim to deliver effective results without any incisions on the breasts. I have discussed those methods above. However, the reality is that these methods do not deliver significant and effective improvements to your breasts. Instead, the advertisers of these methods simply want to rob you of your hard-earned money. If you are looking for an effective and quick method to lift your breasts, you should consider the breast lift instead.


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