Can the doctor use breast implants for butt augmentation?

Can the doctor use breast implants for butt augmentation?

15th Mar 2020


We have seen it over mass media: patients undergoing butt augmentation with implants abroad returning home to discover that they actually had breast implants inserted in their rear end. This probably caused many people to start wondering if the doctor can use breast implants for butt augmentation purposes. 

If you have the procedure in the United States and performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, chances are you will get good quality butt implants, just like it was discussed during the pre-operative consultation. It is during the initial meeting with the plastic surgeon that the details about the procedure to be performed are discussed, and when it comes to the butt augmentation with implants, the type and size of implants are one of the most important topics to talk about. 

The plastic surgeon will perform measurements on your anatomy, including weight and height. You will be asked about your aesthetic expectations and how you envisage your buttocks to be. Considering these factors and also the condition of the tissues of the buttocks, the plastic surgeon will advise you to get one type of butt implants or the other, and the same goes for the size. Keep in mind that the butt implants are inserted into the muscles in the upper part of the buttocks, so this means that a larger implant means a more impressive projection. 

Butt implants are very different in terms of structure compared to breast implants, and this is why breast implants should never be used for butt augmentation purposes. Breast implants are made to simulate the soft and delicate tissues of the breasts, mainly the mammary gland tissue, while butt implants are designed to look and feel like the toned muscles of the buttocks. This means that your buttocks won’t have the right consistency when using breast implants. Moreover, it is also important to mention that breast implants have a limited lifespan. Manufacturers give a warranty for no more than ten to fifteen years for breast implants while butt implants can be kept inside permanently, without the need to replace them after a certain number of years. 

What often happens when breast implants are used instead of butt implants is that they rupture and start leaking inside the buttocks. The cheaper the implants, the sooner this can happen and with more unpleasing effects. Sometimes patients don’t even know their implants rupture and only find out when their buttocks start to change in shape as the silicone starts to accumulate in a certain area. 

Butt implants are designed specifically to sustain a tremendous amount of pressure, and they will never rupture or leak. They look like chunks of silicone compared to breast implants which look like a capsule of silicone filled either with silicone gel or saline solution.

It is important to always choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon in the United States to perform your procedure if you want to avoid complications. 

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