Can you feel butt implants when sitting down?

Can you feel butt implants when sitting down?

10th Jun 2016

Most women desire to have beautiful, rounded, and large bottoms. Some lucky women get naturally attractive buttocks,

Your surgeon may tell you to avoid sitting down for a few weeks after buttock implant surgery. When you are finally allowed to sit down, it may feel different from what you used to experience with your natural buttocks. No doubt, adjusting to your new buttocks will take time.

Whether you can feel the butt implants depends on the location and size of the incisions and how well your plastic surgeon has performed the surgery. It is common for butt implant patients to experience intermittent or continuous pain and heaviness in the buttocks for the first two months.

When sitting down after butt implants, you will feel like you are sitting on a filling. You will probably experience this feeling in the upper part of your buttocks, even though this is not the pressure-enduring area when you sit down. Buttock implants are normally located higher in the gluteal pocket. When you sit down, you are not actually sitting on the butt implant itself.

However, as time passes, your body and skin make gradual adjustments, and you will likely forget about any strange feelings three months after the procedure; your buttocks will be largely back to normal and feel soft and natural.

Your plastic surgeon

It is important to understand, however, that the butt implant recovery period comes with inconveniences. You will be told to take precautionary measures like not sitting down for a few weeks or days. You should abide by your surgeon

In order to avoid discomfort when sitting down for the first time after butt implants, make sure to place a soft cushion beneath your bottom. You may feel as if you are sitting on padding or a wallet. If you are uncomfortable with the feeling, lie down on your stomach. There are also some medications your surgeon may prescribe to minimize the pain and discomfort when sitting down. Make certain to take your medications on time and according to your surgeon

Feeling the butt implants when sitting down also differs from one patient to another. Some people may feel heaviness in their buttocks, while to others it may seem like their buttocks have become harder. Do not fear these feelings, because they will gradually subside. However, if you still feel uncomfortable while sitting down four months after buttock implants, you should consult with your surgeon.

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