Can you offer plastic surgery as a gift?

Can you offer plastic surgery as a gift?

13th Feb 2017

South Korea is probably the world capital of plastic surgery interventions. Visiting a plastic surgeon’s office is so commonplace and routine that even parents have started offering plastic surgery as a gift for their children.

The most commonly performed procedure in South Korea is the double eyelid surgery to enlarge monolid eyes. The intervention is quite controversial as the critics claim it removes this distinctly Asian feature from their faces but plastic surgeons contend the epicanthic fold that droops over the eyes make the people appear tired and sleep. This procedure, which also quite affordable can take years off the face and makes the person look more animated and perky.

It is not surprising in Korean culture for parents to offer blepharoplasty to their children who finished high school and going to university. From an Asian perspective it is not vanity but a necessity and as an investment in the future as they live in a country that places premium on a person’s physical appearance. To get ahead, one must look the part in that corner of the world.

Plastic surgery, in between caprice and necessity

These plastic surgery interventions are not always borne out of a whim or caprice. It is true that is some cases, the women who elect for this procedure do it to get more attention, but there are also many cases when the patients have well grounded reasons to undergoing surgery.

There are quite a number of women for whom undergoing plastic surgery means regaining their self- esteem that have been weighed down by insecurities caused by the perceived imperfections. They do not go under the knife to grab attention but rather something as basic as feeling good about themselves and feeling content when looking in the mirror.

Some of our patients say their life partners are quite happy with their appearance and told them there is no need to change anything, but the patients themselves want that improvement. When this is the case, plastic surgery being offered as a gift by a loved one is a pleasant and cherished gift. It is a different scenario when the patient is being pressured against her will. As repeatedly stressed, plastic surgery is an elective procedure so you must willingly do it as a personal choice and not because of coercion or familial pressure.

The Americans are offering plastic surgery interventions as gifts

Just about anything can be given as a gift in the United States and plastic surgery is no different. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for men to place under the Christmas tree an envelope containing the details of a meeting with a plastic surgeon that can lead to a consultation or a plastic surgery intervention.

All types of plastic surgery interventions can be offered as gifts, from vaginal reconstruction to breast and buttocks augmentations. Plastic surgeons perform gift surgeries quite often nowadays. If it is a present for Christmas or for an anniversary, it requires proper scheduling and planning, as sexual intercourse is not recommended for days or weeks after most plastic surgery procedures. The most common procedures that are offered as gifts are liposuctions, breast augmentations and lips augmentations.

Plastic surgery as a gift

If you are planning to offer plastic surgery as a gift, do make sure that the recipient is interested in undergoing plastic surgery. Even if a woman complains every day about the size and shape of her breasts and dreams of an improvement, this does not necessarily mean that she is ready to undergo surgery to get it. Plastic surgery is not a new haircut. Plastic surgery is an important step in the patient’s life, one that will leave behind permanent scars on the body or face of the patient. More than this, plastic surgery interventions always entail a certain level of risk. Some women are not ready to take that risk, despite the aesthetic benefits after a plastic surgery intervention.

Plastic surgery can be a wonderful and thoughtful gift if the person receiving it expressed the desire to undergo the procedure and is willing to have her body altered permanently. If you offer your loved one a breast augmentation surgery as a gift when she never mentioned before that she would like to augment her breast size, then you might cause offense and hurt feelings. When it comes to plastic surgery, the nice gesture can backfire as an insensitive and selfish act if not expected by the recipient.

The rule of thumb when offering plastic surgery interventions as a gift is the same as with other gifts. Ask yourself if this gift is really what the recipient wants. If the answer is yes, then you can proceed. If you don’t know for a fact, then it might be prudent to check first with the intended recipient.

If you are given a plastic surgery procedure as a gift, do remember that a gift doesn’t entail an obligation to follow through with the procedure if you don’t want to. Even when receiving plastic surgery as a gift, the decision to undergo the procedure is entirely yours. You will be the one putting yourself at risk of potential complications. You will also be the one who stands to benefit the most. Make sure this is something you really want to do before scheduling the procedure. That said, bear in mind that the plastic surgeon will ultimately determine what procedure is necessary. It doesn’t always follow that just because you were gifted with a tummy tuck that you automatically get that. Your surgeon will make the assessment and determine your eligibility. The patient must meet certain criteria to be a candidate for the procedure.


It is not uncommon nowadays to offer plastic surgery interventions as a gift for Christmas, anniversaries or birthdays. Parents and partners are usually the ones offering this type of gift. Just remember that plastic surgery can permanently alter your appearance and will leave scars on your body and face. It is the patient’s responsibility to weigh the pros and cons of undergoing plastic surgery. If you believe that the benefits far outweigh the risks, go for it. The decision is completely and entirely a personal one and you should never allow someone else to pressure you into going under the knife for any other reason other than your personal desire.

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