Candidacy for breast reduction surgery

Candidacy for breast reduction surgery

19th Oct 2017

Having large breasts can come as a blessing and a curse at the same time. Some people love having larger breasts because it looks sexier and more feminine. On the other hand, there are also many who have larger breasts that resent them because it makes moving more difficult. Women also find it difficult to do certain activities or exercises. It can also come with back and shoulder pain because of the weight of their breasts. In order to be more comfortable, they can choose to undergo breast reduction surgery.

The breast reduction surgery isn’t just a cosmetic surgery which is performed for the sake of having better-looking breasts. It is also performed to help with the health problems that patients may be experiencing because of their breast size. Both men and women can have the breast reduction surgery as long as they are a good candidate for it.

Those who wish to go through a breast reduction surgery should make sure that they are in good health. They should be free of any active diseases or any other medical conditions. Ideally, these patients should also live a healthy lifestyle by doing regular exercises and eating the right kind of food. These will help make sure that the patient’s body can go through the surgery and recover afterward.

A good candidate for breast reduction surgery must also have realistic goals and expectations to achieve through the surgery. The surgeons can help in clearing out what patients are to expect and what results are achievable. If there is anything unclear, patients must open up to their surgeons to clear them out so there would be no regrets in going through the procedure.

It is also ideal for patients to have tighter skin to make sure that the treated area heals beautifully after the intervention. Although the surgery would entail removing excess tissue and skin, tighter the skin will give better results.

On the other hand, there are also some patients who are not great candidates for this kind of procedure. Patients whose health can be compromised, such as those who have undiagnosed lumps in the breasts, irregular mammograms, as well as those who have diseases and disorders are not advised to go through the procedure. Those who have just recently stopped breastfeeding are also not great candidates because their breast may still be filled with milk and would still change in size. It would be best for them to wait for about six months after stopping their breastfeeding before they can decide whether to get a breast reduction or not. Additionally, those who also have disorders that affect the ability of the blood to clot are also contraindicated.

Before deciding to go for the breast reduction surgery, it is best to assess yourself first. A consultation with the surgeon helps confirm your assessment. It would be best if you go to a reputable and board-certified surgeon even just want for consultation because they are more knowledgeable about the procedure in question.


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