Candidate for arm lift

18th Oct 2018

Arm lifting, also called brachioplasty, is a procedure that we use to reduce the circumference of the superior part of the arms and to improve their contour by eliminating the excess skin and fat tissue.
The loss of skin elasticity and a considerable volume of adipose tissue resulting either after aging or an important weight loss are the main causes for the skin sagginess that gives the unaesthetic aspect of the area.
Many patients are not satisfied with the appearance of the upper arms. However, they don’t know if brachioplasty is a good option for them or they should look for other methods such as exercising.
You are a good candidate for brachioplasty if:
1. You have a normal weight but the skin laxity of the upper part of the arm is clashing with your harmonious body aspect;
2. You went through a drastic weight loss program and you are left with an unaesthetic excess of skin on the arms that can’t be corrected with physical exercises
3. Aging has put its mark on the appearance of your arms and you now lack skin elasticity;
4. You understand that every plastic surgery comes with the price of scars. After the brachioplasty the scar will go from the axilla to the elbow;
5. You are worried and affected by the skin rashes and dermatological conditions that occur constantly due to the excess of the skin tissue in the area;
6. You are in a good physical, emotional and mental condition;
7. You don’t smoke or you can stop smoking for at least three weeks before and after the procedure;
8. You have an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. Brachioplasty is not meant to improve the muscular tonus of the arms, so the results should be optimized and sustained with physical exercise;
9. It is not recommended to undergo this procedure unless you have a considerable amount of sagging skin. If you have more adipose tissue and less excess skin, a liposuction might be a more suitable procedure for you.
The procedure is not recommended to be used as a weight loss method or for patients who plan to lose more weight in the future because this will alter the results of the intervention.

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