Capsular contracture

Capsular contracture

02nd Nov 2015

Any surgery has possible repercussions known as side effects, and breast surgery is no exception. One of the most common side effects of breast augmentation is capsular contracture. When this type of surgery is performed, the surgeon creates a pocket in order to embed the breast implants. When any type of breast implant is inserted, the body reacts by forming a protective lining around it. This lining is known as the “capsule.” The capsule is made of your own body’s living tissue. This is very normal and happens to everyone irrespective of the type of breast implant used (smooth or textured, silicone or saline.)

A capsular contracture is formed due to the response of the human body to foreign objects. It is the step taken by the body’s immune system to ward off a foreign body. When the capsule is formed, the tissues begin to tighten. This tightening tends to squeeze the implant, which may give rise to capsular contracture. This contracture can lead to squeezing the implant from its normal position, usually upward. Sometimes the patient also experiences pain, which is caused by the progressive tightening of the capsule. It is important to get capsular contraction treated the right way through a capable surgeon in order to avoid more problems. It is advisable to get yourself examined at regular intervals for few months after a breast augmentation procedure involving implants, so that any complications like capsular contracture can be addressed.

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