Causes of breast imperfections

Causes of breast imperfections

30th Dec 2018

Causes Of Breast Imperfections

The appearance of the breasts is important for all women, whether they care to admit it or not. Of course, some women learn to wear their stripes with pride and accept their breasts imperfections as they are, but a vast majority of them will still resort to different methods to improve the appearance of their breasts and go through efforts to sustain their beautiful and youthful appearance for longer. But what are the causes of breast imperfections?

  1. Genetics

Unfortunately, we can’t force Mother Nature to be always generous with every woman when it comes to the size and shape of the breasts. Some women have small breasts due to the lack of development of the mammary gland. Others have congenital asymmetries or other imperfections. To be able to guess how your breasts will look like in a matter of decades, have a look at the older women in your family like your mother or grandmother.

  1. Time and gravity

It is only natural for our bodies to be affected by the passing of time. The loss of elastin in the skin leads to sagginess in multiple areas of the body, breasts included. Overly large breasts don’t respond well to gravity and have the natural tendency to sag sooner than smaller breasts. These factors play an important role in the aesthetics of the breasts during maturity and senior years.

  1. Unwise lifestyle choices

Smoking and wearing unfitted bras are probably the most unwise lifestyle choices you can make that will affect the appearance of your breasts and cause imperfections. The sagginess of the breasts has been proven to occur early in women who smoke and wear bras in the wrong size or don’t provide enough support. Choosing the right type and size of bra can add years of youth to your breasts and even sustain the results of breast surgery for longer.

The need of support for breasts when exercising or playing sports is important. Never do these activities without wearing a sports bra as your breasts will suffer.

  1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding

There are plenty of studies showing that breastfeeding is beneficial both for the mother and the baby. However, pregnancy usually leads to an increase in the volume of the breasts and the overstretching of the breast ligaments and skin envelope. Often, the breasts don’t get back to their pre-pregnancy shape and size after breastfeeding and the woman is left with saggy, deflated breasts that can only be corrected with plastic surgery.

Also, breastfeeding preponderantly from one breast can contribute to the occurrence or the accentuation of breast asymmetries that might require plastic surgery as well.

  1. Weight fluctuations

When we put on or lose weight, our whole body reacts to the change, including the breasts. When losing weight, it is common for the breasts to lose volume and start sagging. Avoiding considerable weight fluctuation is important in maintaining the youthful appearance of the breasts.


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