Causes of premature breasts sagging

Causes of premature breasts sagging

29th Aug 2017

Breast Lift is the surgical procedure that helps with saggy breasts. It is mostly performed on mature women because they are the ones who experience the sagging of the breasts. Although it is quite common for older women to have it, premature breast sagging among younger people also exists. It can be very disappointing to see your breasts sagging at a young age. Thus, knowing what causes premature breast sagging can help prevent it from happening.

Listed below are the most common causes of premature breast sagging:

  • Frequent Weight Loss And Weight Gain: The younger generation is known to be highly conscious of their physique. Dieting has become quite common among youths in order to look more attractive. The problem is that most do not stick to one diet for an extended period. This can lead them to losing weight and then gaining it back again. Although losing and gaining weight does not automatically cause sagging, the frequency of its occurrence does have an effect on the breast tissue. Every time there is an increase and decrease in weight, the breast tissue slacks and sags.
  • Smoking: As we already know, there are many bad effects caused by smoking, but one that is not usually talked about is its effect on the breasts. Smoking decreases the amount of blood supply that the breast receives. When this happens, the breast cannot remain naturally perky because it is weakened, thereby causing the breasts to sag.
  • Exposure To The Sun: Going to the beach in your bikini is fun, but exposing your breast without protection to the UV rays of the sun can also cause it to sag. Like your face that gets damaged when exposed to the sun, the breast also gets damaged. The sun causes the collagen in the skin to stretch out, which then causes the premature sagging.
  • Breast Are Not Properly Supported: Just like its name suggests, sports bras are designed for those who play sports in order to give sufficient support to the breasts while you perform various movements. If the breasts are not completely supported, and they bounce a lot as you move, this can lead to the premature sagging of the breast. Some women also have naturally larger breasts than others, making them more vulnerable to premature sagging. It is important to buy a bra that will properly support them because they are more likely to sag than those with small breasts.
  • Naturally Sagging: Some people have breasts that look like they have downward-pointing nipples. This can sometimes be mistaken for breast sagging. Consulting a surgeon will help you determine if your breasts are sagging or just naturally seem that way. Surgeons will normally not perform surgery on very young patients because the breasts are not fully developed yet.
  • Early Pregnancy: Being pregnant can also cause your breasts to sag regardless of the age. Those who got pregnant at a young age will notice some sagging of their breasts.


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