Celebrities that reshaped their bodies with liposuction

Celebrities that reshaped their bodies with liposuction

15th Sep 2017

Celebrities, in order to stay relevant to the media and the public, place importance in maintaining their physical qualities. Many Hollywood stars are reluctant to discuss their experiences with plastic surgery, but one thing is for sure: the vast majority of them have been or still are clients of plastic surgeons.

Aside from other interventions that guarantee stunning appearances at each and every event, liposuction is probably the most commonly requested plastic surgery intervention for celebrities. Liposuction seems to be the secret recipe for eternal youth and beauty.

More about liposuction

Frequently performed nowadays, the liposuction procedure has the purpose to reshape, contour and better define areas of the body that are suffering from imperfections due to the accumulation of fat. Liposuction can only target specific areas of the body, so it can’t be performed all over the body, or at least not in just one session.

During liposuction, the plastic surgeon can remove fat deposits from areas such as the thighs, flanks, abdomen, upper and lower back, the knees and calves. In some cases, the extracted fat can be processed and transferred to other areas of the body that could use the increase in volume. Liposuction delivers impressive results in the vast majority of cases, has a shorter recovery period, and is practically impossible to be discovered as it leaves behind only tiny scars, no more than a few millimeters in size.

Celebrities that have undergone liposuction

Have you ever wondered how Kim Kardashian could have such big buttocks and a perfectly flat abdomen? The answer is obvious: liposuction. Here are more stars that are known (or suspected) to have undergone the liposuction intervention.


Kesha has an apple body shape. This means that each time she puts on weight, the fat tissue will accumulate more on the lower part of the body, especially the abdomen. This can be easily noticed as in past pictures the celebrity barely spotted a waist, even if her legs were quite thin.

Overnight, Kesha suddenly developed a small waist and an hourglass silhouette. This is only possible through liposuction. There are sources who have spotted scars on her abdomen and thighs; a sign that she underwent plastic surgery.


Beyonce is no stranger to liposuction either. The celebrity declared that she enjoys her voluptuous curves, but not the bulges around the abdomen. This is why she has gone under the knife for liposuction and is willing to repeat the procedure each and every time she feels insecure about her body.

Kim Kardashian

Kim still declares she never underwent plastic surgery in her life. However, it is not possible to have such a big buttocks, voluptuous breasts, and a perfectly flat abdomen all at the same time. Even for pear-shaped silhouettes, the fat does not only accumulate on the hips and buttocks, but also in the abdomen, even in small quantities.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore, the iconic star well-known for her role in Striptease, also resorted to plastic surgery to maintain her body. Liposuction helped the glamorous celebrity to keep her fabulous look, even two decades after the famous movie.

Britney Spears

Britney can be a little chubby, with a visible tummy, thick legs, and visible cellulite, and the next day look thin, toned, and looking fabulous in a body-con dress. This is only possible if you have spent days in a plastic surgeon’s office. More than this, Britney Spears has been seen leaving the practice of a surgeon in Beverly Hills by paparazzi.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams managed to get the better of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. Someone with buttocks as large as Serena’s and such thick legs should have some adipose tissue on the abdomen too. On the contrary, Serena has a toned abdominal area, just like when she was in the best shape of her life on the tennis court. Is she working out to keep in shape or uses liposuction, like the rest of the celebrities?


We have seen celebrities showing off their perfectly contoured body on the red carpet just weeks after giving birth. We all envy them and wonder how it could all be possible when for the vast majority of women it takes months and months of hard work to shed off the baby weight. Liposuction can make things easier, both for the celebrities and you.

With the help of liposuction, the patient can technically get an improved body contour overnight. The localized fat deposits from areas all over the body can be eliminated in one or multiple sessions of liposuction, leaving behind a youthful appearance and an amazing body profile.

Liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure which has seen a tremendous rise in demand over the last few years, both from celebrities and people from all socio-economical backgrounds. It provides a reliable and effective solution to removing fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Among the celebrities that have declared or are suspected to have used liposuction to reshape their bodies are Kim Kardashian, Demi Moore, Britney Spears and Beyonce.

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