Celebrity lookalikes and plastic surgery

Celebrity lookalikes and plastic surgery

12th Oct 2020

We see celebrity lookalikes on TV and in glossy magazines, often associated with a scandal or something frivolous. We see them on the news or read about them in the newspaper. There is always something that attracts attention to them, but not necessarily in a good way. Sometimes people look and think “that poor man/woman”, other times they say “wow, the resemblance is incredible.” 

But there is such a fine line between nice and gross, and it can be blurred so easily. One more session of lip injections and the lips can become too much, one more boob job and the breasts can look grotesque. One more butt augmentation and the whole body can turn into a sour joke.

Celebrity lookalikes make a living (or try to) by copying certain celebrities. In many cases, they have undergone extensive plastic surgery procedures to get their appearance as close as possible to their idol. In many cases, they desire to look identical to the celebrity they are copying, despite being a different gender. Yes, there is a man who had surgery to look just like Kim Kardashian. It is not just a women’s thing.

Celebrity lookalikes dream of their five minutes of fame and go through a lot to try and get it. Mostly they are invited to TV shows where they talk about their extensive experience with plastic surgery and what happened to them, how many surgeries they had, and so on. The public is attracted to this type of sensational news and is normal to a certain extent. However, these people are usually not completely happy with their lives, and they are looking to copy an appearance with the aim of having the celebrities’ life too. This rarely (if ever) happens.

When it comes to celebrity lookalikes, plastic surgeons should be more careful and assess the emotional and mental condition of patients asking to look like one celebrity or the other. It is okay to want Kim Kardashian’s buttocks and Angelina Jolie’s lips, but to want to look exactly like Angelina or Kim, this is hardly possible and entirely not recommended. If this were remotely possible, we would probably have a lot of Angelinas, Kims, and Beyonces around us. But we don’t. And in a vast majority of cases, people who get plastic surgery to look more like their favorite celebrity don’t end up looking like them, more like a sketch of that celebrity and not always a good one.

Patients who want to resort to plastic surgery to look more like a celebrity should first ask themselves if it wouldn’t be better to get surgery to enhance their physical appearance and to become the best version of themselves. Emotional support and even professional assistance can be recommended for these people who want to have surgery to look completely like their favorite celebrity. A responsible plastic surgeon would avoid performing procedures on these patients and even refer them to professional help.

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