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Cellulite and buttock augmentation

A lot of women are considering buttock augmentation since the buttocks contribute in giving any person an hourglass body. There are several types of buttock augmentation and one of these is the Brazilian buttock augmentation. In this procedure, liposuction is performed to harvest the fat that comes from the multiple areas of the body. The fat is then processed and injected. Just like any other buttock augmentation procedure, the main goal of the Brazilian buttock augmentation is to provide the patients a fuller, healthier, and rounder buttock. Lucky are those who do not get complications or do not suffer from specific issues after the procedure. But for some, they experience mild problems such as cellulite formation.

Patients come to the clinic for various reasons and one the most common concern addressed is the cellulite in the buttocks. If you are planning to go through buttock augmentation, you have to be aware that cellulite can develop. Knowing this possibility will help you in the way that you can address the issue immediately if you are aware of this condition. Take note that most patients develop cellulite in the buttock area as well as the thigh and the hip area. Some patients experience this due to weight loss, buttock deflation, and accentuating areas of cellulite due to relaxation of the skin. Others have indentations from the connection from the deep muscle all the way to the skin level. When fat is transferred to the buttock, cellulite gets better. Know that it is not a cellulite treatment. Certainly, the cellulite that gets better with the injection of the fat is the one that forms when the patient has lost some weight since filling the buttock will stretch the skin, making the cellulite improve its appearance. You have to know these things so that you can discuss it with your surgeon.







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