Change in sensation after breast reduction surgery

Change in sensation after breast reduction surgery

03rd Feb 2018

If your breasts are overly large and the condition is affecting your self-esteem or quality of life, you may consider breast reduction surgery. The traumatic procedure involves incisions and entails many risks and side effects. Some patients complain that they experience a change in their breast’s natural sensation after the procedure. So, what causes the change in breast sensation after the procedure?

The change in breast sensation is mostly caused by injury or damage to the nerves during the intervention. The procedure is performed by making incisions on the breasts. There is a risk the surgeon may accidentally injure or impair the nerves, which can lead to a change in the sensitivity of your breasts. In most cases, the change in sensation after breast reduction is temporary. You will get your natural breast sensation some weeks or months after the surgery. However, if the damage to the nerves is severe, the change in breast sensation will be permanent.

The change in breast sensitivity can develop in the form of very sensitive nipples and areolas. Keep in mind that the condition happens when the nerves are tampered with during the intervention. There is also a risk you will experience loss of breast sensation. In most cases, the loss is temporary. As you heal and recuperate after the surgery, your breasts will regain their natural sensitivity.

Furthermore, the patient may experience a reduction in breast sensitivity after the surgery. It can happen due to inflammation of the nerves. After the surgery, the breasts experience inflammation. If the nerves are inflamed, it can also result in change or reduction of breast sensation. You may experience exasperation and numbness in the breasts following the operation. As time passes, you may regain your natural breast sensation.

Most patients are able to regain their breast sensation during the first six months following the procedure. If your breast sensation has changed, you should not be concerned because most patients experience this change. Just let your body heal and be confident that the problem will get resolved on its own. There is no need to panic. Just allow the nerves some time to renew themselves. Keep in mind that until your natural breast sensation returns, no external treatment can be done to expedite the process.

In rare cases, the breast sensation does not normalize. In such a case, you may seek further treatment. However, there is currently no tested and proven treatment to reverse permanent breast sensation change. Some practitioners recommend breast massage to regain sensation; however, it is also not effective when it comes to reversing the permanent change in breast sensation.

During the initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, be sure to ask how likely you are to experience a change or lose breast sensitivity after breast reduction surgery and what can be done to reduce the risk.

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