Changes after breast augmentation

Changes after breast augmentation

25th May 2017

Breast enhancement procedure has been one of the most demanded plastic surgery interventions in the last few years. The bust of a woman has a significant role in defining her identity. Some women say that the size and aspect of the breasts have an impact on finding a suitable life partner (as it is well known that men prefer curves), causing a direct impact on self-image and self-confidence. Consequently, it is essential for a woman to be happy with her breasts.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that allows the increase in volume of the breasts by using implants. The motivation to undergo a breast enhancement procedure can be of an aesthetic nature or with a reconstructive purpose. When aesthetic arguments are involved, it is usually because the patient is not satisfied with the current size of the breasts or a breast asymmetry is present.

Studies performed in the United States and Canada prove that breast augmentation with silicone implants does not increase the risk of mammary cancer.


The following types of patients are eligible for breast enhancement surgery:

– In good health

– Have either small or sagging breasts, whether from weight loss or aging

– Showing signs of breast asymmetry

– Underwent a breast augmentation procedure with unsatisfactory results and would like a revision surgery


During the initial consultation with the surgeon, you will have the chance to tell the surgeon how you want your breasts to look like. The augmentation procedure brings out the best qualities of a person and also sketches a harmonious, sensual line of the body. Despite these, the surgery does not transform the identity of the patient, personal values, and the way people engage with you. More than this, the breast augmentation surgery will not necessary immediately attract the ideal life partner.

When meeting the surgeon for the first time, make sure to talk about your previous breast issues, previous breast surgeries (if any), and your complete medical history. During the local examination, certain factors will be evaluated such as the shape, dimension, consistency, the distance between the areola and the inframammary fold, and the texture and quality of the skin.

There are two types of mammary implants: silicone implants and saline solution implants. Most prefer silicone implants as they feel and look more similar to a natural breast. The type and size of the implant can only be chosen together with the plastic surgeon.



Women undergo this procedure to have fuller, bigger breasts. However, it is still important to know what to expect after a breast enhancement procedure.

During the recovery period, your breasts might be swollen, sensitive to the touch, and even higher on the chest than you desired. This is not something to worry about. The swelling and inflammation usually disappear within a few weeks from the surgery. The changes in sensitivity, especially on the nipple, are also temporary. Most patients regain normal sensation within three months from the intervention. The extremely elevated position of the breasts after surgery is also normal. With time, the implants will descend into a more natural position. The plastic surgeon might even recommend wearing a strap over the breasts to help them descend faster.

Once the natural side-effects of the breast augmentation surgery disappear, you will notice other changes. After this procedure, your breasts should be more symmetric, of a different consistency (due to the implants), more elevated, and fuller. Some patients are extremely happy to notice the upper pole fullness that occurs after breast augmentation surgery as this is something that few women have, especially after a certain age.

Some patients are concerned about breastfeeding after having silicone implants. In most cases, the patient can breastfeed without any issues, but the patient can still have difficulties in nursing. It is important to schedule your breast surgery after pregnancy and breastfeeding as an ulterior pregnancy might alter the results.

Scarring is also inevitable. It can take up to one year for the scars to fully mature and heal. A talented plastic surgeon will be able to hide the scars in the natural folds of the body so they won’t be visible even when the patient is only in underwear. However, don’t be tempted to have a trans axillary incision just to hide the incisions better. This type of operating technique can have less satisfactory results especially for breast asymmetry. When performing this method, the plastic surgeon has a decreased visibility.


There are many changes that will occur on the breasts after a breast enhancement procedure. For the first few weeks or months, the breasts will be swollen and sensitive to the touch. These are all natural side-effects and will disappear with time. Considering the final and permanent results of the surgery, the patient should expect to have fuller, perkier, and more elevated breasts with upper pole fullness and a slightly different consistency.

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