Changes in the nipples after breast surgery

Changes in the nipples after breast surgery

13th Jun 2018

There are a few things that can be done to the breast to make it look more beautiful. It can be augmented, lifted or reduced. When the breasts are altered, it can also result in changes you can feel in the nipples. The effect of breast surgeries on the nipple varies depending on the site of the incision, the type of surgery you get, as well as the body’s reaction to the surgery.

Some patients may experience a change in the sensation of their nipples. Some feel like their nipples are numb while others feel like their nipples are overly sensitive. This is normal after the surgery because the nerves in the nipples can be affected due to the surgery. In some cases, the change in the sensation of the nipples eventually goes back to normal after a few months to a few years.

When the nerves are damaged during the surgery, they need time to regenerate and heal. For some, the nerves heal, but for some, the nerves can’t heal anymore. This results in a permanent change in the sensation of the nipples. It can take up to two years for the sensation of the nipples to come back. Most surgeons say that if the sensation still doesn’t return after two years, the change is now permanent. This is a risk that those who want to go under breast surgery should be willing to take.

It is also possible for patients not to feel any changes in the nipples. This is because the nipples were not really damaged or affected during the surgery. Surgeries that create the incision near or on the areola are more prone to have changes in the sensation of their nipples. In some breast surgeries, it is possible to create the incision away from the nipples to lessen the chance of having the nerves damaged.

In some patients who went through breast implant surgery, the numbness of the nipples occurs due to the pressure of very large implants. To avoid this, it is best not to get implants that are too big, especially if your anatomy doesn’t suit large implants. The surgeons can suggest the right size for your anatomy, and you should consider them or at least think about them.

Aside from nerve changes in the breasts, it is also possible for some women to have their ability to breastfeed affected. The mammary glands or ducts can be affected by the surgery negatively, but it is also possible it wouldn’t be affected. Some women are still able to breastfeed successfully even after they had breast surgery.

Breast surgery can have negative effects on the nipples, and those who go through it should know about it. They should be well informed about the different risks that may happen due to breast surgeries. This helps make sure they do not get disappointed with the results because they are already well informed about the negative possibilities of the surgery they are about to take.


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