Children and Otoplasty Surgery

Children and Otoplasty Surgery

08th May 2013

otoplastyDoes your child have tilted or misaligned ears?  Or does he/she have conspicuously protruding ears that make him/her feel uncomfortable?  Is he/she getting teased at school. There are different kinds of ear deformities, such as bat ears, pointed ears and cauliflower ear, but all of these can be remedied by an ear surgery called otoplasty.

Children having ear deformities are advised to undergo an otoplasty surgery as early as possible: at around 4 years old and up. This is so as to protect these children from being subjected to bullying and teasing during their time at school – which can greatly affect their fragile self-esteem. In order for a child to qualify as an ear surgery patient, he or she should be in overall good health and must be willing to follow instructions for the surgery. Potential patients, including the adults and teens, with untreated or chronic ear infections are typically discouraged to undergo ear surgeries. General anesthesia is normally used for ear surgery on children, while local anesthesia is utilized for adults.

Katy, TX Plastic Surgeon Dr. Wilberto G. Cortés has proven experience in performing otoplasty surgical procedures. The Board Certified surgeon prefers to personally discuss the ear surgery – including its benefits and potential risks – individually with each of his patients.

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