Choosing between rounded and anatomical breast implants

Choosing between rounded and anatomical breast implants

30th Sep 2018

When you have finally decided to have implants to augment your breasts, one of the choices you have to make is the kind of implant you will be using. Implants come in a variety of sizes, and this will depend on how much fluid the implant contains. Aside from the sizes, you also have to decide whether to get rounded implants or anatomical shaped breast implants.

The most common implants used are rounded implants. These implants measure equally on all poles. This means that the bottom pole and the upper pole are both full. Many women prefer to have the upper pole fullness because it helps provide a nice-looking cleavage for newly augmented breasts. It also gives a nice rounded look to the breasts.

In some cases, when the rounded implants used are very large, it is easy for the breast to look unnatural. The upper pole fullness is not common for the normal anatomy of the woman’s body, but it can still look flattering. This is the reason why many women still choose to have rounded implants over anatomical ones. Another reason why many people prefer to have rounded implants is because it doesn’t result in a deformed appearance of the breasts when it rotates.

The anatomical breast implants, on the other hand, are shaped more like natural implants. The base or bottom pole is much fuller than that of the upper pole. This creates sloped shaped breast implants, which is very similar to the natural breasts of a woman. Those who want a more natural looking augmentation choose this kind of breast implant.

The anatomical breast implants also come in a variety of sizes, that is why it is possible for you to have a significant augmentation without looking unnatural. The only drawback to choosing the anatomical breast implants is the weird shape that it produces when it rotates. Due to the fullness, which is only found in the bottom part, it becomes really obvious when it rotates. The fullness would look abnormal on the side where it positions.

In order to prevent the anatomical breast implants from rotating, these implants are textured. This helps provide more grip for the implants. In case the anatomical breast implants rotate, a patient has to go under surgery again to fix it.

If your anatomical shaped implants are prone to rotate, surgeons may advise you to replace them with rounded ones instead. This is to avoid always going through surgery just to have the breast implants re-positioned. Some surgeons also suggest getting rounded breast implants so as not to risk the negative effects of a rotating implant.

The choice between a rounded implant or an anatomically shaped implant is up to the patient. The surgeons may suggest which one would fit best depending on what the patient wants to have. Whether you choose to have rounded implants or anatomically shaped ones, you should make sure you choose a surgeon who is certified and experienced. This helps make sure you are safe and the surgery is done correctly.

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