Choosing the best surgeon for buttock implant surgery

Choosing the best surgeon for buttock implant surgery

07th Aug 2019



The success of the buttock implant surgery depends on your choice of plastic surgeon to a greater extent. It is vital for the patient to select the plastic surgeon after thorough research and much deliberation. Surgical errors not only lead to poor results but also trigger health issues. If your plastic surgeon is board-certified and has extensive experience in buttock implant surgery, you will get satisfactory results and prevent health complications.

Many doctors are posing as plastic surgeons because they are legally allowed to perform surgeries in the US. If you end up having your surgery done by such a doctor, you will experience health and aesthetic problems. Keep in mind that butt implant surgery is a major operation and only a qualified plastic surgeon can best perform it. When choosing a plastic surgeon, keep the following things in mind:


Is the surgeon board-certified?

The first thing you should ask yourself when selecting your plastic surgeon is: is the plastic surgeon board-certified? Keep in mind that a plastic surgeon’s most important quality is board certification because it shows that he is highly qualified, has undergone years of training in plastic surgery, and gets continuing education in plastic surgery. In other words, it indicates that he specializes in plastic surgery. 

In the US, the American Board of Plastic Surgery certifies plastic surgeons. If the doctor claims that he is a board-certified plastic surgeon, you can even ask him to show you his certificate and credentials so that you can be sure you are in good hands. Moreover, you can check with the ABPS to confirm that the surgeon has board certification. 

Keep in mind that any licensed doctor in the United States is legally allowed to perform plastic surgery, but not all doctors are trained in plastic surgery. If an unqualified or inexperienced doctor performs butt implant surgery, your risk of experiencing complications will surge.  On the other hand, board-certified plastic surgeons undergo 3-5 years of training in general surgery and 2-3 years of training in plastic surgery. They are also required to undergo examinations and trainings in the latest plastic surgery procedures from time to time. It keeps them abreast in their field.


Is the surgeon a member of ASAPS?

The next thing you must look for is whether the surgeon is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Members of this society are highly experienced and qualified. It is not easy for any doctor to become a member of this society. Surgeons get membership of the ASAPS on an invitation basis only. Only surgeons who become a member of this society are board-certified and have extensive experience. 

Furthermore, a plastic surgeon who immigrates to the US from another country is required to meet the strict moral and professional requirements of the ASAPS to become a member of the body. If you want to know whether your plastic surgeon is a member of the society, you can check on the website of ASAPS. The site also lists plastic surgeons found unprofessional, unethical, and found practicing illegal or non-FDA approved methods and procedures.


Is the surgeon experienced in butt implant surgery?

Another important question you should ask when choosing your plastic surgeon is whether he is experienced in the procedure. A surgeon’s experience goes a long way toward defining the results and your safety during and after the surgery. An experienced plastic surgeon is entirely aware of the techniques of the operation and can use modern methods to deliver you the desired outcomes.

To get an idea about the surgeon’s experience, you can do your research about the procedure from trusted sources and then go for the consultation with questions. His answers to your questions will provide you a pretty good idea about his experience in the said procedure. For example, you can ask him how many years of experience he has in butt implant surgery and how he performs the operation.

Many doctors promise risk-free procedures and surprising results. This is a red flag. An excellent and trusted surgeon will adequately examine your butt, assess your health, and ask you about your goals before telling you if you are a good candidate for the procedure. He will also discuss the risks with you and never promise magical results. He will encourage you to have realistic goals and expectations and be ready to experience the side effects.

Buttock implant surgery involves the use of sophisticated techniques and surgical approaches. An experienced surgeon knows how to perform the operation by using those techniques and will explain the methods to you during the consultation session. One way to check the experience of the surgeon is by asking him to show you before and after pictures of patients he has treated for butt implant surgery in the past. The results in the after-surgery images will help you decide as to whether you should select the surgeon to carry out your procedure. 


Is the surgical facility accredited?

Accreditation of the surgical facility where your butt implant surgery will be performed is also essential. You must ask the plastic surgeon as to where the operation will be performed and whether the facility is accredited. Ideally, buttock implant surgery should be performed in a fully equipped, accredited hospital, clinic, ambulatory facility, or the plastic surgeon’s office. 

The good news is that accredited surgical facilities are safe. If the surgical facility is not accredited, it lacks modern facilities and is not fully equipped to cope with emergency situations that may arise during the operation. Fortunately, majority of board-certified plastic surgeons and those who are members of the ASAPS perform butt implant surgery in accredited facilities only. But to be sure, you must perform a background check on the facility, and if possible, you should visit the facility personally before the surgery. 


Did the doctor address your concerns and answer your questions?

One of the essential techniques you can use to check the surgeon’s qualification and experience is by asking many questions. Before the consultation, do your research and be prepared. A good plastic surgeon will address all of your concerns during the meeting and encourage you to ask questions. On the other hand, an inexperienced and unqualified surgeon will try to dodge your questions and fail to satisfy you with his answers. 

A good surgeon will ask you how the aesthetic flaws in your butt affect your life and self-esteem and will be compassionate. He will explain the surgery to you and how it can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. You can ask the surgeon questions about his experience, skills, the operation, and what to expect after the surgery. A good surgeon will explain every part of the surgery and recovery to you. He will not hesitate to answer your questions and address your concerns. 


Do you have trustworthy recommendations for the surgeon?

One of the effective ways to select a good surgeon is through trustworthy recommendations. It can save you from falling into the hands of inexperienced and bad doctors. You can ask your family and friends who have undergone butt implant surgery to recommend you a plastic surgeon for the operation. Furthermore, you can find trusted surgeons by visiting the websites of ABPS and ASAPS. 

Also, you can check the website of the plastic surgeon and read the testimonials left by other patients. Do not forget to check independent review websites to read the reviews left by other patients about the plastic surgeon you are considering for your butt implant surgery.  


Do you have an emotional connection and good rapport with the surgeon?

The pre-operative consultation provides you with the opportunity to judge whether you can communicate well with the surgeon and has rapport with you. Keep in mind that butt implant surgery is not a one-time procedure. You will have to keep meeting with the surgeon from time to time for follow-ups after the procedure. Also, butt implant surgery calls for emotional support, especially from the doctor. If you think that you have no emotional connection with the doctor, you should start looking for another one. 



Buttock implant surgery is a major operation, which is why it is essential to choose your plastic surgeon carefully. A good plastic surgeon will be experienced in the operation, besides having board certification and being a member of the ASAPS. He will also be emotionally supportive and help you understand the procedure in the most straightforward language. In this article, I have explained the most important things you should look for when choosing a plastic surgeon to carry out your buttock implant surgery. A good surgeon will be open to answering your questions by delivering you better and safer outcomes. 


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