Choosing the perfect gluteal implants

Choosing the perfect gluteal implants

28th Nov 2019



Gluteal implants are external devices that are placed into the butt with the goal to make them bigger and sensuous. These implants have a history of effectively enhancing the booty, making them shapelier and boosting your self-esteem. Tens of thousands of women with smaller buttocks get gluteal implants in the US each year. Gluteal implants are manufactured with highly cohesive and durable silicone material. They are placed into the buttocks during gluteal implant surgery. 

Many women who desire to get gluteal implants don’t know as to how they can choose implants that are suitable for their body and butt dimensions and can help them achieve the desired cosmetic improvements. Keep in mind that butt implants come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. The implant suitable for you depends on various factors. Only a board-certified plastic surgeon can recommend you the perfect gluteal implant. In this article, I am going to discuss how you, as a patient, can make sure to select the ideal gluteal implants.


What are gluteal implants?

To choose the gluteal implant best for you, it is vital that you first understand what gluteal implants are. Gluteal implants are also called buttock implants, and they are artificial objects used to augment smaller booties. Women with smaller buttocks often get gluteal implants to boost their femininity and body aesthetics. Also, some people think that gluteal implants are the same thing as breast implants. However, the fact is that they are miles apart in construction as well as what they are meant to deliver.

Buttock implants are manufactured with medical grade, extraordinarily resilient and cohesive silicone material. The robust construction of these implants makes them highly resistant to ruptures and leaks, which is not the case with breast implants. No matter how much pressure or strain is applied to the gluteal implants, they are not going to deflate or rupture. Gluteal implants are put into the buttocks through incisions and then placed in the desired region. 

The good news is that if you have chosen your plastic surgeon carefully, you can get natural-looking results with gluteal implants even though they are artificial devices. A good surgeon will recommend you a suitable implant size and shape that will go well with your body features and fit properly inside your booty. But if the implant is not chosen carefully, the buttocks will not look natural. For example, if the gluteal implant is too large for your butt dimensions, your buttocks will appear aesthetically unpleasing and fake. 

Gluteal implant surgery is highly invasive and traumatic. People with severe health issues can experience complications after the surgery. For this reason, plastic surgeons advise patients to undergo the procedure only as a last option and when all other non-invasive treatments fail to deliver you the desired improvements. Also, you must not undergo surgery if the risks are higher than the benefits for you.  


Choosing the perfect gluteal implants

Besides selecting a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon for the gluteal implant surgery, the success of the procedure also depends on how well the implant has been chosen. Remember, gluteal implants are available in various sizes, shapes, styles, and material. To achieve your desired aesthetic improvements, you must select the gluteal implants cautiously and wisely. In case you choose an implant size or style that is not suitable for your butt dimension or body type, you may not necessarily get the desired results. You may get exposed to more risks as well. 

The selection of the buttock implants is made during the initial consultation with the plastic surgeon. The surgeon will check your buttocks and other body areas, in addition to checking your health history and asking you about your goals for the surgery during the consultation session. He will also measure your butt dimensions, height, and weight. After a thorough examination, he will recommend you a particular implant size and style. 


The implant type: Semi-solid vs. Cohesive gel

While it may seem astonishing or even shocking, the reality is that when there were no gluteal implants back in the day, the buttocks were enhanced with breast implants. However, that practice soon vanished because breast implants were too fragile to survive the pressure applied to the buttocks. It remained in practice only for a few years, and when many patients experienced health and cosmetic complications, the practice was abandoned. 

Researchers then looked into the possibility of developing implants dedicated to buttock augmentation. This led to the advent of gluteal implants. Buttock implants are meant precisely to enhance the buttocks. And the good news is that they can withstand immense pressure and strain, without failing like breast implants. These implants have improved over the years. 

There are two types of gluteal implants: one with cohesive gel inside the implant, and the other is entirely made of a rubber-like silicone material. Cohesive gel implants are unpopular because like breast implants they are subject to ruptures, leaks, and deflations. On the other hand, rubber-like implants are highly resilient and immune to breaks and leaks.  

Today, in almost all cases of buttock augmentation with implants, rubber-like implants are used because their construction makes them durable. These implants deliver permanent results because once you get them, you are not required to remove them unless unusual but major problems like capsular contracture or implant infection happen. If you want to get gluteal implant surgery, you must ask the surgeon as to what type of implant will be used to enhance your booty. 


The implant shape: Round vs. Oval (Anatomic) implants

Gluteal implants come in two shapes: oval and round. Many patients also find it difficult to choose between the two implant shapes. The oval gluteal implant is also famous as the anatomic implant. Both the round and oval implants also come with smooth and textured surfaces. No matter if you get a textured or smooth gluteal implant, the results may not be affected. 

But the fact is that the textured surface of the implant stays in the position and place where it has been implanted. As a result of this feature, this implant does not move. What this means is that textured implants do not get displaced or move out of the implant pocket. Smooth-surfaced implants move freely within the buttocks, which makes it look natural. 

If you want to know whether the oval or round implant is suitable for you, the choice depends on your existing butt shape. In case your butt is square, you should go for round implants. If your butt is extended, then you should go for oval gluteal implants. 


The implant size perfect for you

Selecting a suitable implant size is a crucial aspect of the gluteal implant selection process. Gluteal implants are available in different size options. You have the option to choose a gluteal implant size between 200cc and 800cc. The implant size will affect the extent to which your buttocks will be augmented. You should rely on your plastic surgeon to get a recommendation for a perfect implant size. The plastic surgeon will take into account your existing butt size, the aesthetic shortcomings in your buttocks, and your buttock dimensions before recommending you an ideal implant size. 

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will undertake structural measurements to conclude as to what implant size is suitable for you. He will also take your body outline and other physical features like your height and weight into consideration. Keep in mind that the objective of the surgery is not only to make your buttocks bigger but also to make sure your buttocks look as natural as possible and accentuate your other physical features. 

Many women desire to imitate the buttocks of celebrities like Kim Kardashian. As such, they ask the surgeon to deliver them the largest buttocks. However, keep in mind that bigger is not always better. For your buttocks to look natural and for your body to look aesthetically welcoming, you must follow the recommendations of your surgeon. There is also a limit to what extent an individual’s buttocks can be augmented because not all patients have elastic tissues and muscles in the buttocks, and the actual butt dimensions differ from one patient to another. 



Gluteal implant surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the US after breast augmentation surgery. Gluteal implants are external objects that are inserted and placed into the buttocks. Gluteal implants are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. It is essential for the patient to make sure the implant is suitable for her. You can ask your plastic surgeon to recommend you an appropriate implant size, shape, and type. In this article, I have discussed what you can do to choose the perfect gluteal implant. 

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