Choosing the plastic surgeon for a breast reduction

Choosing the plastic surgeon for a breast reduction

23rd Feb 2020


Any type of procedure performed on the breasts should be regarded with the utmost care as it targets one of the most sensitive areas of the body which is also the symbol of femininity and sex appeal. The appearance of the breasts is important for all women, and some can go through real emotional traumas due to breasts that can be too small, too big, or too saggy.

Breast reduction is the procedure performed on women with overly large breasts that encounter difficulties in performing normal daily activities that pose no effort for other women with smaller breasts. Unlike the other plastic surgery procedures performed on the breasts such as breast augmentation with implants, lipofilling of the breasts, or the breast lift, breast reduction is mostly performed for a functional purpose before having an aesthetic goal. Of course, after the procedure the patient will enjoy a more harmonious appearance with breasts that are more in line with the rest of her anatomy; however, the main goal of breast reduction surgery is increased mobility for the patient and the alleviation of pain and other physical discomforts. 

The process of getting smaller breasts starts with choosing the plastic surgeon who will perform your procedure. There is no other decision to make about undergoing breast reduction surgery more important than the choice of a plastic surgeon.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon should take into consideration several factors. First, you need to look at the credentials of the plastic surgeon. Ideally, you should choose a plastic surgeon who is board-certified, experienced and also very talented, with a keen eye for details. If you have narrowed your search to a few plastic surgeons in your area or further away, you can look at their sites to see before and after pictures of patients who had the same procedure you are interested in. 

If there are no pictures provided on the site, schedule a meeting with the surgeon and ask if you can see pictures during the consultation. If the plastic surgeon can’t or won’t provide you with any pictures of past patients, it can mean that either he is not particularly pleased with the results achieved in the past or that he doesn’t have too much experience performing breast reduction surgery. Keep in mind that if you want to maximize the results achieved with breast reduction, you need a plastic surgeon who routinely performs it. A surgeon who is experienced in other procedures but has performed just one or two breast reductions in his career might not be able to have the experience necessary to guide you on how to avoid complications and maximize the results.

Make sure to see if you can relate on a personal level with the plastic surgeon of your choice as you will see him after the procedure for at least another year.

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