Choosing the right implant size

Choosing the right implant size

20th Nov 2018

If you ever thought about enhancing your breast volume using implants, for sure the first question that came to your mind was: How do I choose the right size? For sure you want to feel comfortable and natural while having this type of augmentation.

While choosing the correct size, you can always check it before the procedure. Certain aspects need to be considered before choosing the right size. You need to be aware of a certain cup size, breast width, and breast tissue thickness. If we think about only the shape, the position of the implant will be critical. Basically, there are two ways to insert the implant depending on the pectoral muscle. It can be placed over or under the pectoral muscle, and the shape will depend on that.

Patients who look for bigger implants and a bigger cleavage can choose to place their implants over the pectoral muscle. You will get more sustainability and less distortion of the implants while the muscle will suffer contraction. Also, the procedure is less invasive and you need less time for recovery. On the other hand, your breasts will not look as natural, and the rate of capsular contracture is a bit bigger.

With a position under the pectoral muscle, your breast will look more natural. A capsular contraction is less probable, and there is much less distortion during mammograms. However, a more invasive procedure is required and more time needed for recovery. Also, using this position, your implant size is limited, and you cannot use large ones. When choosing the implant size, there are some aspects that need to be considered besides the shape.


You definitely want your new breasts to look harmonious with the rest of your body. A large cup size with a thin body don’t usually go together. Try to create a fair proportion between your breast size and the rest of your body. Consider your weight, height, and chest width before finally deciding a size. A nice body always has balance.


Here it actually depends on the way you are used to spending your time in general. A more active person who likes sports, for example, can find a larger breast size uncomfortable. In general, a woman who is highly active in exercises should stick with smaller sizes.


Are you looking to impress more, or just for your own peace of mind? Implants are not necessarily required to improve the image. It also can boost your self-confidence. If you just want to feel a bit more comfortable when going to the beach and not be worried about someone staring at you, a normal cup size is more than enough. Of course, if you are looking to boost your image and attract some eyes once in a while, you can definitely consider sizes that are more than average.

It is actually up to you, and you should decide this with your surgeon. A plastic surgeon will know from experience how to guide you towards making the best decision.

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