Choosing the right surgeon: safety and fewer scars

Choosing the right surgeon: safety and fewer scars

23rd Nov 2018

A plastic surgery is by definition something that will help you look better as a result. Choosing the right surgeon for this type of procedure is highly essential. With more than 10 million procedures performed every year and thousands of surgeons out there, choosing the right doctor may be difficult sometimes.

Two main concerns arise in general when dealing with a plastic surgery: the scars and the safety of the procedure. Of course, no medical procedure has 100% success rate, and in the end, the more experienced the surgeon, the more peace of mind you can get after the procedure. Everything is about choosing the right surgeon. Let us see how we can avoid some ugly experiences during or after a procedure.


When we deal with safety issues, it is not only the surgeon that can make a mistake. First of all, communication between the two of you has to be transparent. When dealing with safety issues, you need to consider the following

● Tell him everything about your health condition: When going for your first consultation, ask anything you want to know about the procedure, but also be honest. Tell your doctor about any health problems you had in the past, vicious habits (especially smoking), and so on. He needs to know everything about it.

● Staff: Ask anything about his staff, from the anesthetist to the assisting staff. The more you ask, the more you can get a clear picture of what you are dealing with.

● Facilities: Even if in most cases hospitalization is not necessary, you need to ask him if you can be treated there after your surgery or if you are required hospitalization.

● Experience: Check his portfolio. A doctor with a rich portfolio means high experience. After dealing with many patients, a surgeon will know how to adapt to every specific situation. No procedure is the same, so basically you need someone who can adapt to your specific needs.

Less scars

When dealing with plastic surgery scars, there is no method yet in order for our body to be scar-free. Even plastic surgeries are invasive procedures most of the time. From experience, a surgeon will try to keep the incision as small as possible and place them in areas that are hidden from sight. Choosing the right incision position and size is essential in the process.

For butt augmentation when implants are required, a good surgeon will perform an incision only in the middle between your buttocks, where any type of underwear will cover it most of the time. We cannot be scar-less after a procedure, so try to find someone who can bring better results when dealing with the incisions around the targeted area. Of course, there are several types of reconstructive surgeries, but why have them when we can minimize any negative outcome using an experienced surgeon?

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