Combining breast lift with implants

Combining breast lift with implants

02nd Sep 2019



The breast lift and implants surgery is a popular combo undertaken by women who have smaller and saggy breasts. This procedure not only lifts the breasts but also augments them. The breast lift involves removal of the excess skin and fat from the breasts while implants are placed into the breasts. While these procedures can be performed at different times, most patients prefer to have them at the same time.

The combined operation comes with many benefits. The cost of the combined procedure is lower than when the procedures are performed at separate times. Also, the patient experiences a single downtime and achieves holistic improvements in the breasts. The surgeon will determine your candidacy for the surgery during the pre-operative consultation.


Candidacy for the combined surgery

The combo of breast lift and implants is a major and highly invasive procedure. There are specific eligibility requirements that the patient must meet in order to get both procedures at the same time. During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will assess your candidacy for the surgery. He will examine your breasts and check whether you need the combo surgery or just a single procedure.

The surgeon will ask about your aesthetic goals as well. If your breasts are saggy and smaller and you want to get bigger and firmer breasts, the surgeon may recommend you the combined surgery of breast lift and implants. However, you must be in a good health to qualify for the operation. The doctor will take a look at your medical history and make sure you are not suffering from any complications.

It is also crucial for the patient to have realistic goals and expectations. The combo procedure can enhance your breasts and body outline, but it cannot transform your overall appearance or make you look like another person. Furthermore, if you are a smoker, you will be required to stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery and remain a non-smoker during the recovery period. It is also vital for the patient to be motivated and prepared for the operation and the recovery period.


How is the combined surgery performed?

The combined surgery of breast lift and implants is performed under general anesthesia. The plastic surgeon will begin the operation by making incisions on the breasts, after which he will access the separated and weak breast muscles through the incisions and tighten and repair them. It is worth noting here that the weakness and separation of the breast muscles is a major cause of breast sagging. After tightening the muscles, the surgeon will then insert and place pre-selected implants into the breasts.

Implants are foreign objects that are used to augment the breasts. They come in different sizes and profiles. The implant size suitable for you depends on how large you want your breasts to be, the aesthetic flaws in your breasts, your existing breast contour, your height, BMI, and your body outline. The surgeon will recommend you the right implant size and profile after examining your breasts and knowing your goals.

The implants are usually placed under the breast muscle; however, there is also the option to put them over the breast muscles. After placing the implants in the intended location, the plastic surgeon will lift the nipples if they have become saggy as well. This step is implemented by making a tiny incision above the nipple and then removing a small portion of skin from the area. The incision is then sutured and closed.

After lifting the nipples, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess amount of skin from the breasts. The excess skin is yet another primary reason why your breasts look saggy. After removing the skin, the plastic surgeon will re-drape the remaining skin and then suture and close the incisions.

Keep in mind that if your breasts are severely saggy, you should avoid getting large implants. Instead, you should go with medium or small implants. When large implants are used, the excess weight of the implants can trigger breast sagging again because a severely saggy breast means the skin has become weaker due to loss of elastin.


Recovery after the surgery

Like all other invasive procedures, there is a recovery process involved in the breast lift and implants combined surgery. The recovery period may be a little bit longer than when performing the operations separately. It is more traumatic and invasive because two procedures are performed at the same time. The primary recovery period comprises the first two or three weeks following the procedure. Complete recovery can take six weeks or more.

The recovery period plays a vital role in defining the results of the procedure. The patient must take sufficient rest so that her body can work to recuperate her from the surgical trauma and heal the incisions. Due to the incisions and shock, your breasts will be swollen for many weeks after the operation, and it will take many weeks for the incisions to heal and transform into scars.

During the first two or three weeks after the surgery, you must avoid work and instead rest in bed. Do not do physical movements during this time as it can affect the incisions and trigger cosmetic and health complications. After two weeks, you may resume work but be sure not to engage in physically demanding activities for six weeks after the procedure. 

The plastic surgeon will advise you to wear compression surgical bras for many weeks. You must avoid your regular bras and instead wear the surgical bras until your breasts have fully healed. These bras are designed to speed up the recovery process and reduce the swelling. The plastic surgeon will provide you with complete instructions for a smooth and safe recovery.


Results of the combined procedure

Many patients assume that the results of the combined operation of breast lift and implants will be noticeable right after the surgery. However, the reality is that it can take many weeks for the improvement in your breasts to become visible. After the surgery, your breasts will be swollen and bruised. The implants also need time to drop and settle in the intended position.

The results will transpire after the post-operative swelling has disappeared, the incisions have healed, and the implants have dropped in place. This can take more than six weeks to happen. The results will gradually transpire as your breasts heal. When the outcomes emerge, you will notice that your breasts have not only become firmer and youthful but also more prominent. As a result of these improvements, your body outline will also improve and you will appear sexier.

Keep in mind that breast implants are not permanent devices. They are destined to rupture or leak. Usually, it takes many years for this to happen. Most breast implants come with a warranty of more than ten years. Typically, it takes about fifteen years for the implants to rupture or leak. When this happens, the patient will be required to undergo a new surgery to remove the implants. Of course, you can opt to get new implants.

Also, aging and gravity will take a toll on your breast contour and anatomy. Your breasts may become saggy again with time; however, they will appear firmer than the breasts of women of your age who didn’t get the breast lift.


Risks of the combined operation

The combined surgery of breast lift and implants is a major operation. It involves incisions, which can expose you to different risks. The level and intensity of the risks depend on your health condition. If you already have health issues, you may be exposed to higher risks.

The risks associated with this procedure include infection, excessive bleeding, blood clotting, breast contour dissimilarity, seroma and hematoma, abnormal scar development, and change or loss of nipple sensation. It is vital for the patient to discuss the risks of the operation with the surgeon during the consultation session. If the surgeon tells you that the dangers of the surgery are higher than the benefits, then you should avoid the procedure. You should undergo the operation only as a last option and when the benefits are more than the associated risks.



Many women have smaller and saggy breasts at the same time. The condition affects their femininity and physical appearance, which leads to self-esteem issues. The breast lift is meant to treat saggy breasts, whereas the implants augment the breasts. If your breasts are saggy and smaller and you want to get firmer and bigger breasts, then you should consider getting the combo of implants and breast lift. This combined surgery treats multiple aesthetic flaws in your breasts and helps you overcome the shortcomings. The combined procedure comes with many benefits as well. If you want to know whether you are a good candidate for this combined operation, you should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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