Combining butt augmentation with breast reduction

Combining butt augmentation with breast reduction

28th Aug 2017

Combining different plastic surgery procedures is possible. It is considered to be cost effective because the patient will only have to pay for the anesthesia and for the use of the facility once for both procedures. Many people choose to do this when they are in great health and when surgeons agree that they can combine different procedures.

Although plastic surgery procedures can be combined, not all combinations are done by surgeons. One of the combinations that many surgeons will not do is the butt augmentation and breast reduction. Some surgeons would say that they can do the two procedures simulataneously because they only take a few hours to do.

However, many surgeons would not recommend combining butt augmentation and breast reduction. This is because the two surgeries are considered major surgeries and it can take very long for the two surgeries to be done at the same time. Some surgeons also advise against it because the area to be surgically altered is located on opposite sides of the body.

During a breast reduction surgery, the patient will have to lie down on her back while in a butt augmentation procedure, the patient will have to lie face down to expose her butt. Moreover, the recovery from the two surgeries will also be difficult for the patient because different positions are suggested to ensure fast healing and recovery.

There is also greater risk to develop complications after the surgery. During recovery, it is highly advised to be mobile to prevent any formation of a clot in the body. However, with two major surgeries performed, there will be more pain and soreness that it might be difficult for the patient to stand up and move.

There is no doubt that surgeons can perform the procedures simultaneously but many would still refuse to do it for the sake of their patient. The discomfort during recovery may be too much to bear for the patient. Thus, it is best to have the procedures done separately in a span of a few months in order to let the body heal from one surgery before the having to go through the next one.

If patients ever find a surgeon who will agree to do the surgery, patients should make sure that they really know what they are getting into. Surgeons must properly explain the procedure that will be done and the recovery it will require. They should know that recovery will be very tricky because it would be very difficult to position themselves properly without causing any harm to the two suture sites.


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