Combining Butt Implants With Fat Transfer

18th Oct 2018

Many patients come to my clinic and ask me which one is the best procedure for them: butt implants or fat transfer. While many tend to be more interested in fat transfer, there are others who are aware of the undeniable benefits of using implants when trying to augment an area of the body.
During the butt implant surgery, we insert silicone implants into each of the butt cheeks of the patient to add volume. During the fat transfer procedure, we first collect the fat from other areas of the body, then purify it and reinject it on the buttocks. To transfer the fat, we use syringes that infuse the fat at different depths and all over the area.
Depending on the particular characteristics of the patient and the goals she has in mind for the procedure, we can use one or either methods, but also we can combine them for an improved aesthetic result.
For patients who have little fat tissue in other areas of the body, the butt implants will be necessary to achieve the increase in size. However, if we can collect a few hundred CCs of fat from the donor areas, we can use it to contour the buttocks and give it a nice shape.
The butt implants need to be positioned in a certain spot in the buttocks. They can’t go anywhere as it can ruin the aesthetics of the area. This means that we will position the implants on the center of the buttocks and at the same time enhance the shape by injecting fat on the sides and under the area where the implant is. In my experience, the results are always better when the butt implants are combined with autologous fat transfer.
When the patient has buttocks that are too flat or with insufficient tissue to properly cover the implants, the fat transfer is always a good option to perform in combination. This way we can shape the butt and make it look more natural.
The fat transfer to the buttocks is a good idea also when having in mind the consistency of the buttocks. The butt implants are filled with a highly cohesive gel, and this means they feel like toned muscles to the touch. When adding fat to the mix, the consistency of the buttock can change significantly.

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