Combining buttock augmentation with a buttock lift

Combining buttock augmentation with a buttock lift

03rd Mar 2021


For most patients, buttock augmentation surgery alone is enough to enhance the booty and deliver the desired results. However, many patients also need a butt lift in addition to butt augmentation. Instead of getting both procedures at different times, you can avail many benefits by undergoing the combined surgery in a single go. The goal of butt augmentation surgery is to increase the size of the butt, whereas the butt lift is to make the butt firmer.

The butt lift should not be confused with the Brazilian butt lift. The butt lift is a treatment for saggy buttocks. It involves tissue removal from the buttocks, whereas the BBL involves injecting fat into the buttocks. The combined surgery is recommended for women who have saggy buttocks and want to get bigger and firmer buttocks. Butt augmentation alone cannot make the buttocks bigger and firmer, which is why the combined approach is recommended.

When to consider a combo of butt augmentation and lift

The aesthetic features of your buttocks signify your femininity. Women desire to have bigger, shapelier, and youthful buttocks. However, the aesthetics of the buttocks are subject to changes. One of the conditions that many women have is smaller and flatter buttocks. There are also many women who have smaller and saggy buttocks at the same time. The latter condition is more common in women aged above 40 years.

Women get buttock augmentation to make their buttocks bigger and voluptuous. If your buttocks are saggy, you cannot get sustainable and better results with butt augmentation alone. In such a case, you should consider combing buttock augmentation with a butt lift.

The main reasons why buttocks become saggy include aging, genetics, massive weight changes, and gravity. The butt lift can effectively enhance your buttocks by restoring their firmness and youthfulness. When combined with buttock augmentation, the butt lift can transform the appearance of your buttocks and make you look aesthetically welcoming and beautiful.

Combining the butt lift with augmentation is recommended for patients who have smaller buttocks with extra skin and the condition is affecting their self-confidence. No matter what has caused your buttocks to become smaller and saggy, the combo procedure has a history of delivering impressive outcomes.

Most women are naturally image-conscious, and aesthetic flaws and shortcomings in the buttocks affect their self-confidence. Excess skin in the buttocks also affects their mobility and trigger physical discomforts like skin irritation and even infection. Patients also find it difficult to fit correctly into their clothes.

Things to consider

There are many factors that you need to consider when deciding to get buttock augmentation along with a butt lift. First off, the combined surgery will not only make your gluteal area fuller, prominent, and firmer, but also smooth and toned. Secondly, the combo surgery delivers long-lasting results. You can be rest assured the improvements introduced to your buttocks by the operation will remain with you permanently, and the discomforts associated with having saggy skin in the buttocks will be alleviated. Your self-esteem will improve, and you will notice improvements in different aspects of your life.

On the other hand, it is also important to keep in mind that the combo procedure is a significant and highly invasive procedure. It involves major incisions and tissue removal from the buttocks, besides the insertion and placement of artificial objects such as gluteal implants. Recovery can take many weeks and months, even though you will be able to resume (non-strenuous) work three weeks after the procedure.

Also, you need to be extremely careful with your weight after the combined operation. Massive weight change must be avoided because it can affect the results achieved with the surgery. It is also critical for patients to choose only a board-certified and highly qualified plastic surgeon to get the procedure. Make sure that the plastic surgeon is highly experienced in performing a butt augmentation and butt lift at the same time.

Candidacy for the combined surgery

There are specific eligibility requirements that the patient must meet to undergo the operation. You need to be in good health, have realistic goals, and be ready for the surgery and recovery period.

The plastic surgeon will determine your candidacy during the pre-operative consultation. He will examine your derriere to check whether they are small and saggy. He will also take specific measurements and ask you about your goals and expectations. Be sure to share your complete medical history with the surgeon. Based on the findings of the consultation, the doctor will tell you if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

How is the combined surgery performed?

The combined operation of butt augmentation and butt lift is performed under general anesthesia because it is a traumatic and invasive procedure. Butt implants are external objects that are made of medical grade, semi-solid silicone. These implants are permanent objects because they are immune to deflations and ruptures, unlike breast implants. Butt implants come in different sizes and oval and round shapes.

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will recommend you a suitable implant size and shape, depending on your goals and the aesthetic flaws in your buttocks. He will also discuss with you the surgical techniques and how the procedure will be performed. Moreover, he will discuss the risks of the surgery with you and help you make a wise decision.

There are different surgical techniques to perform the combined procedure. Generally, the plastic surgeon will start the operation by creating incisions at the top of the buttocks, on the hips, or under the butt cheeks. These incisions are made to remove the excess skin that is making your buttocks saggy. Moreover, he may also use liposuction to contour the butt areas that need to be shaped and balanced.

Once the excess skin is removed from the buttocks, the plastic surgeon will make another incision in the butt crease. The reason for making this incision is to put the implants into the buttocks. The size of the incision depends on the size of the implant. However, when performing butt augmentation along with a butt lift, small or medium-sized implants are used because large implants can make the buttocks saggy again.

After making the incision, the plastic surgeon will insert the implants into the buttocks through the incision and then place them under or within the gluteal muscle. Once the implants are in place, the surgeon will suture and close all the incisions. The incisions are closed in layers after re-draping the remaining skin so that the butt becomes firmer and tighter. Drains and dressings will also be used. The patient is required to wear compression garments for many weeks after the surgery.

Your recovery will kick off right after the surgery and will continue for many weeks. The recovery process plays a major role in ensuring your safety and shaping the results of the operation.

Your buttocks will be swollen and bruised for many weeks and months after the surgery. You will experience some pain and discomforts in your buttocks for the first 2-3 days following the procedure. The surgeon will prescribe medications to cope with the pain and prevent possible infections.

The first three weeks of the recovery period are essential. You must take rest and avoid work during this period and follow the surgeon’s instructions so that you can recover smoothly and safely. Do not sleep on your back or sit for three weeks after the procedure. The results will not be immediately noticeable after the procedure.

Complete recovery can take six weeks as the incisions need time to heal. You can resume work three weeks after the surgery but do not engage in strenuous activities for six weeks post-op. As the incisions heal and the swelling decreases, you will be able to notice and feel the difference that the surgery has made to your buttocks.

Complete results will emerge about three months after the surgery, meaning that your buttocks will be fuller, firmer, and bigger by this time. Also, keep in mind that scarring after the surgery is unavoidable. The incisions made on the buttocks will change into scars, which will fade and become less noticeable over time.


Butt augmentation surgery alone may not be sufficient to enhance your derriere. If your buttocks are smaller as well as saggy at the same time, then you should consider combing buttock augmentation with a butt lift. The combined procedure will make your buttocks bigger and firmer. However, the results of the surgery are in the hands of your plastic surgeon to a greater extent. As such, you must choose your plastic surgeon carefully. Make sure the surgeon is experienced in doing the butt augmentation and butt lift combined surgery.

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