Comfortable clothes after butt surgery

Comfortable clothes after butt surgery

23rd Oct 2019


Butt enhancement procedures can be performed with fat grafting or with gluteal implants nowadays. Different patients have different anatomical characteristics and desires, and plastic surgery has different procedures that can provide the results expected. For example, fat grafting is preferred and recommended for patients who want to get a moderate augmentation of the butt with a natural look and feel and without significant risks or potential complications. However, implants are the best choice for patients who want to get a more impressive projection of the buttocks and a more considerable augmentation. Each procedure has pros and cons and can only be performed on patients in good health and emotional condition who are aware of what is to be expected.

The recovery period is a time when the patient needs to adopt a certain behavior and follow some rules to the letter. For example, sitting on the butt as well as lying on the back is strictly forbidden for a minimum of three weeks post-op. For patients used to resting on their backs, this can be a daunting prospect. However, not being able to sit on the buttocks for so long is associated with a certain discomfort. The plastic surgeon will give you certain instructions to make the discomfort more tolerable in the first few weeks post-op. Among these will be the recommendation to get comfortable clothes after butt surgery. 

Some patients are used to staying in the house dressed in jeans or something similar. After butt surgery, chances are your jeans won’t fit you anymore. Keep in mind that aside from the augmentation that occurs during the surgery, we are also talking about a level of swelling that naturally occurs as a result of the traumas that happen during surgery. This means your buttocks will be significantly bigger than before and you will need new clothes. Generally speaking, leggings and sweatpants are the ideal choices for the first few weeks after the surgery. Keep in mind that you will also be wearing compression garments, both covering the buttocks and the donor areas if you have a fat transfer to the butt. 

Comfortable clothes are important to make you feel at ease and alleviate the discomfort that can be associated with the recovery period. However, patients should be warned about getting a new wardrobe before the procedure. The results are visible immediately after surgery, but the final results that will be with you in the long run can take a few months to transpire, often between three and six months. The recommendation is to postpone getting new clothes until the results are final and wear comfortable attire until then.  

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